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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on June 27 at 7:50 AM

Support the Troops! Screw their widows.

George W. Bush gets caught spying on your bank accounts… and somehow it’s the media that have behaved “disgracefully.”

Katrina Cash: Flushed down the toilet.

Rush Limbaugh: Still poppin’ pills.

File Under “Nobody Cares”: Old lady in Olympia gets a dog.

Gaza: Israel massing troops at edges of Palestinian enclave.

Axl Rose: Guns ‘N Roses lead singer has an appetite for, uh, Swedish security guards.

Do it, JK! Rowling may kill off Harry Potter.

Naomi Campbell: Supermodel slaps sense into maid, ingrate maid sues.

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"(police spokeswoman)Hagg told The Associated Press that Rose was intoxicated during the confrontation, which broke out around 8 a.m., and would face questioning after he sobers up. "

See? Isn't that simple? Couldn't they just have done that with Cheney?

The "furor" over Bush doing searches of bank records without warrants is coming from the radical "conservative" (anti-capitalist, anti-competitive, how can these big govt big spending fish call themselves conservative?) blogs. They're just furious none of their own people served, but all swerved, and are afraid they might have to actually put their own coward bodies on the line.

As to widows ... dang, I thought it was hot sex ... some mighty fine widows at military funerals, I'm telling you, in my personal experience. Not that coward Bush would know about that.

Sounds like Rush is popping a woodie as a result ;-)

I just have a generic question.
I'll try to restrain my own hyperbole.
Ready? Here it goes:
Is it the legitimate role of our government to use communications and financial tracking data to track terrorists in an effort to try and catch them before they make their attack?

Mapleleaf, I believe that yes, it is legitimate. However, this is not searching out terrorists, this is phishing. The intelligence agencies themselves are saying that the sheer amount of information is overwhelming.

People are the key to infiltrating terrorist cels, not evesdropping or financial snooping. Once suspects are identified, working in conjunction with legislation like FISA, those suspects can be carefuly tracked.

There has been speculation that Harry Potter would die for years. One of the most obvious theories is that Harry Potter himself is a Horcrux and he must die in order to defeat Voldemort.

I just don't want to see Hermione die. That would make me sad. Who cares about Harry Potter!

god damn! what is the world coming to when you can't even slap the help. those PC police are really getting out of hand.

Why are we letting Christine have another dog so soon, after she's shown she couldn't take care of the last one?

Can I share some resources with you?

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