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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Blue House

Posted by on June 20 at 7:00 AM

I walked past the Blue House on Republican last night—the place where angry ingrate Kyle Huff murdered the ravers that made the mistake of trying to befriend him. The landlord is apparently getting the house ready to rent again, and it looks like one of the ways they hope to distance the house from its recent history is by de-bluing it. The blue aluminum siding—which gave the house its name, and that we chose to feature on the cover of the Stranger the Thursday after the shootings (instead of an image of Huff)—is being stripped off. There were only a couple of blue aluminum slats still in place (you can see them in upper left hand corner next to the second story window).


Some blue slats that had been pulled down were laying on the ground and resting on the bushes. I thought about taking one of the slats, but immediately thought better of it. I didn’t want to seem ghoulish. I didn’t want a souvenir. But I wondered if some of the people who knew the victims, or appreciated the special, welcoming place they had created behind those blue slats, might like to have a slat, or a small piece of one, to remember their friends by.

They’re there now, on the ground, for the taking.

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Thanks for bringing up the name of Kyle Huff again. The media has an important job to do in creating celebrities out of our murderers. Why not get some of that blue siding and imprint "The Stranger" logo on it and auction it off?

The Stranger did so much to make the murders into a real social event, sending Eli all the way to Montana to interview red necks, and passing along every bit of gossip about the murders. What better way to keep up interest than encourage people to fetishize pieces of the house where the killings occured?

Agreed. This is tacky. Even by Stranger standards.

Yeah, please report only good news. I'm sure no one was interested in this story. You should of never mentioned the name K**e H**f. Ewwwwww.

Wait, wasn't this a "real social event?"

I know the owner, and used to go to a party once in awhile when he lived there. I'll just say that lots of stray thoughts go through one's head when confronted by death. It's definitely an agent of chaos. And speaking the unspeakable outloud is like a two-sided coin. ghoulish and theraputic. Upsetting and calming. Go ahead and say something I haven't thought. Would you want to move in? How would living in this house make your life different? What do you think it feels like to live in Pristina or New Orleans or Baghdad? So many questions when faced with death.

I thought the Stranger's blog coverage of the Huff murders was excellent - actually, that's what got me to start reading the Slog regularly. But this isn't news, it's just sensationalism. The owner of this house will have a hard enough time getting someone to live there (through rental or through sale) as it is. More importantly, the people who lived there, and the people who were there that night, probably don't need another spotlight on their ground zero.

Wait, how is this sensationalism? "the blue house" is what everyone called it, and not just in the Stranger, and the Stranger covered it beautifully.

The house itself became interesting, at least to me. If you'll recall, even owners and friends of the owners began posting about the house in the Slog.

Yeah, I let myself get a little weepy at this story even though I had no connection to it (I don't know if you remember, but it was kind of a BIG DEAL), but I'm sick to death of people telling me I'm somehow off or wrong for continuing to be interested because it's "over" or "not as important as iraq". Seriously? Fuck off. It broke everybody's heart.

And K**e wasn't in it for the fame, the way many killers are. He was in it because he was sick, and he wanted to murder raver kids.

Thanks for posting this, Dan. I'd be there now if I'd had a friend in the house that night.

I'm still at work. Are Death House slats still available? Can someone save me one?

Where did I say the murders were not a big deal? Where did anyone say the story is/was "not as important as Iraq"?

Your last sentence, saying you'd be there no IF you'd had a friend in the house, is why I think this is just lurid rubbernecking. Maybe we'll get to see "slats from the Blue House, site of the infamous Kane killings!" sold on eBay now, hmm? Yeah, THAT's respectful to those who did have friends and family in the house.

Seriously. Fuck off yourself.

I see it as about the house itself, too. Terrible crime aside, the *place* where something horrible happened has to confront that occurrence as well. I'm not trying to be arch here, but it's like the house is getting plastic surgery after a horrible accident to try to be as normal as possible again.

I believe printing The Stranger logo on the blue slats and selling them would be the best way to honor what happened.

The Stranger could use the money to host a rave and prove that no matter what love, laughter and dancing are more powerful that guns.

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