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Friday, June 23, 2006

Taking That Sex-Positive Thing A Tad Too Far

Posted by on June 23 at 16:05 PM

Glenn, I like lots of porn, and I’m glad to see you do, too. Remind me to send you my video.
But even I do not posit that the increased availability of porn is any way connected to a decrease in the number of reported rapes. As you point out, lots of things have changed since the 1970’s. One might as well say that would-be rapists have been deterred by global warming. Let’s not start down that path, because it’s way too fraught with logical pitfalls.
I’m sure you mean well, but sweetie - don’t try to help us, okay?

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You have a video? Details please.

I believe that some men rape as a result of intense shame around their sexuality. This shame gets redirected as intense hatred towards women, whom they blame for turning them on.

People are less likely to feel ashamed of something if they believe its "normal", and the rise of internet porn has certainly helped normalize sexuality. Spend a few minutes on the web and it becomes pretty obvious you're not the only one interested in sex, let alone any particular flavor of sex. Porn isn't the only thing that has taken the shame out of sexuality, but it's a pretty big one.

BTW - I would love to see your video.

While I like porn, I can't see that internet porn would decrease rapes. Perhaps I don't know where to look, but most internet porn I find are the "make them gag" type and sex as punishment or coercion. If anything, the internet porn (I've seen) shows women as stupid sluts who deserve to get raped. It is hard to fine hetero porn that is not about violence.

Glenn does have a point that there's no causality between porn and rape, despite what radical feminists would have us believe. Japan has the lowest rate of violence against women in the world. I've never visited, but I've heard that the Japanese hardly lack porn, and that some of it is pretty sadistic.

Propensity for violence is cultural. Japanese culture happens to abhor violence while American culture celebrates it.

You're not looking very hard at all, then, RJ. While there are fair number of "stupid sluts", they are much more likely to "deserve a good fucking" than "deserve a good raping". Rape porn or violent porn of any kind is certainly available but fairly scarce.

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