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Friday, June 23, 2006

Strawberries and Honey

Posted by on June 23 at 11:15 AM

Aside from some misdirected sexual innuendo, I had a great time at the Madison Farmers’ Market last Friday. The strawberries are incredible right now, so juicy and tasty (I ate them on waffles). I also visited the honey guy, who stocks his booth with a delicious array—including blackberry, wildflower, and orchid honeys. I wasn’t sure which one to get so he gave me a spoon and proceeded to pour different honeys out for tasting. He also indicated that the honey would be good for licking off the guy standing next to me, whom I unfortunately didn’t even know. Suddenly I realized that I had eaten about 10 spoonfuls of honey and walked home content.

Madison Farmers’ Market runs on Fridays from 3—7 pm on 20th Avenue at Madison Street.

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Morels are in and good too. A nice morel-strawberry reduction would be an excellent sauce for, say, a chihuahua.

I hate how it's on Fridays. It's so hard to make it with work and everything, but I am going to try to go today! Exciting!

Eating organic, local food will stop global warming. Remember that Whole Foods and the Co-Op also provide Plan B morning after pill too. Lots of conservative owned grocery stores refuse to sell it.

Can someone find out if the Farmer's Markets are allowed to distribute Plan B? A rape victim should be able to buy this pill wherever she shops.

Unprovoked, off topic, sarcastic comments are what make the slog special.

Whole Foods and the Co-Op sell the morning after pill. The Stranger is calling Boycott any grocery store that refuses to sell Plan B.

FYI...The Stranger is calling for boycott only against Thriftway grocery stores. And I don't think Whole Foods sells Plan B anyway.

Again, Stormans inc only owns Ralph's and Bayview in Olympia along with a handfull of other businesses. Not all Thriftways. And is the Stranger even calling for a boycott at all? Also Shoshana- herbal abortions are extremely dangerous.

And my point above was that this topic has nothing to do with the original post.

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