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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Sierra Club Endorses Bill Sherman in the 43rd

Posted by on June 23 at 16:11 PM

Earlier today someone outside of Bill Sherman’s campaign passed me the news that Sherman has received the endorsement of the Sierra Club which is a big deal in the 43rd, a district that is as enviro-friendly as it is gay-friendly (if not more so).

The Sierra Club wasn’t planning to announce its endorsement until next week, but I called Sherman just now and he confirmed that he’s getting their endorsement. (And shortly afterward, the Sierra Club called and confirmed it as well.) Here’s what Sherman told me:

We live in the most beautiful state in the nation, and the 43rd District wants to elect a champion to protect our air and our water. I’m pleased that the Sierra Club has decided that I am that champion.

Next up in the big enviro endorsments: the Washington Conservation Voters. If Sherman ends up with both the Sierra Club’s endorsement and the Conservation Voters’ endorsement, he’ll have strongly differentiated himself from the pack (something everyone in this six-way race is struggling to do), and as the “enviro-guy” he’ll become a pretty formidable force.

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Bill has already also been endorsed by Allied Arts.

Endorsements all around!

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