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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Seattle Weekly’s Fantasy Ozzfest

Posted by on June 28 at 14:12 PM

I try to stay out of the Seattle Weekly vs. Stranger rivalry as much as I can, but this really can’t be overlooked. This is their preview of Thursday’s Ozzfest show:

Ozzfest: Black Sabbath + Judas Priest + Slayer + Dimmu Borgir + Superjoint Ritual + Black Label Society + Lacuna Coil + Every Time I Die + more

The last time we saw Ozzy Osbourne perform, his vocal chords kept giving out, resulting in a reluctance to shoot for the higher notes of his back catalog. But the man still puts on an engaging show filled with plenty of leap-frog jumps, childlike hand claps, and jumping jacks (we are serious!) Aside from Ozzy, however, the only band that seems to be worth a damn on the bill is former Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde’s band, Black Label Society (although the Slayer reunion and Lacuna Coil are solid picks too—Ed.). With that in mind, the emergency tent might be more fun to watch than the performers.

This is a gaffe on quite a few levels. For one, Black Sabbath isn’t playing—Ozzy is doing a solo set. Secondly, Judas Priest isn’t playing—but they did play TWO YEARS ago. Thirdly, Slayer not only isn’t playing, they certainly aren’t “reuniting” (they never broke up). However, Slayer will play at Qwest Field in Seattle on July 14.

Dear Weekly music writers: I love a good stoning as much as the next metalhead, but I think it’s time for you to put down the bong. Or at the very least, try checking the festival website before you go to print.

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Ah, the inevitable Ozzie vs Black Sabbath trademark battle.

Now, if they had Evanescence, they might have something there.

Thank you Hanah. Tom Araya would be pleased with your post. However, The mighty Slayer will not be playing Qwestfield, they, along with Lamb of God and others, will be playing at that awful venue called Qwestfield events center as part of the Unholy alliance tour.

Mostodon who was by far the best act at last year's Ozzfest will also be playing with the mighty Slayer. This is going to be a loud #$%^^ show so get ready for some serious ear bleeding.

God doesnt hate us all, God just Hates The weekly.

Didn't the Weekly hire its new music editor away from The Stranger? Didn't y'all teach the boy how to factcheck?

I would just like to point out that Strapping Young Lad on the second stage looks neither.

And yes, an original Slayer lineup is not a reunion. Duh.

Mastodon puts on the most kickass show ever.

wait - I think they morphed the Ozzfest and Warped Tour. Every Time I Die is playing Warped, no?

Their cover story is also factually challenged. Their map of Pioneer Square Projects has at least 3 errors.
Number 4 is only a half block project.
Number 7 is not the "WOSCA" site it is the "Seattle Hardware" building not the "Seattle Plumbing" building.
Number 6 Could be the "WOSCA" site but not accoding to google, etc.

Quit picking on the Weekly's new music editor. What do you expect...they pay the boy peanuts and give him a shoe-string budget to work with over there.

Does anybody read the Weekly for its music section?

Don't they have copy editors, either? Vocal CORDS, not CHORDS. That drives me nuts.

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