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Monday, June 19, 2006

Re: Meanwhile, Down the Ballot

Posted by on June 19 at 10:17 AM

Last week, I reported that Seattle Citizens for Free Speech, the pro-strip club group, had raised nearly $550,000 for its campaign to repeal the four-foot rule in strip clubs. This, I though, was perhaps the largest amount ever raised for a city initiative. Turns out I was wrong. As Seattle Ethics and Elections director Wayne Barnett (no relation) points out, the Better City Campaign, which advocated for the failed Commons proposal in 1995, raised $939,261. However, I think the strip clubs may yet beat that record.

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I was going to point that out, but it is a bit different, as that was a ballot issue put before voters by the City Council (not that they wouldn't have avoided a vote if they could have done so) rather than a citizen led initiative.

Still, though, that's a lot of $1 bills in g-strings....

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