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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Post Death

Posted by on June 21 at 16:28 PM

You would think I could do a simple task like put up whatever we’ve suggested on whatever given day, but I always get sidetracked by Brendan Kiley (who’s currently wearing a sad face because he just lost a long post he was writing—his application unexpectedly quit). Anyway, the item in Stranger Suggests today is this, from the one and only Jen Graves:

‘Rabbit Starvation’
Larry Calkins’s ashy, leathery little dresses and dried-out paintings are all post-death, like skins and pelts of some animal that has been emptied of flesh, drained of blood, and set aside for a few years. I like best a little piece called Relatives, a dark and hazy oil-and-encaustic painting on wood depicting a lineup of cartoonish but malevolent cameos. Calkins is best when he’s frightful. (G. Gibson Gallery, 300 S Washington St, 587-4033. Wed—Fri 11 am—5:30 pm, Sat 11 am—5 pm, free. Through July 8.)

If you read this the moment I post it, you have a whole 32 minutes to rush down to G. Gibson Gallery before it closes. (It’s open tomorrow, too. Beginning at 11 am. Go on your lunch break. I’m sorry.)