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Friday, June 30, 2006

Porn, Wireless

Posted by on June 30 at 14:50 PM

As directors switch to digital filmmaking in greater numbers (Superman Returns is the latest blockbuster to go all gigabyte), amateur directors, and even some professionals, are already on to the newest thing: cell phones.

From a story from the AP:

Italian filmmakers used a Nokia N90, a higher-end cell phone sold around the world, to produce the 93-minute “New Love Meetings,” which they say is the first feature film to be entirely shot with such a tool.

“With the widespread availability of cell phones equipped with cameras, anybody could do this,” documentary co-director Marcello Mencarini said in a telephone interview from Milan. “If you want to say something nowadays, thanks to the new media, you can.”

Personally, the idea of sitting through a feature-length film shot entirely on a cell phone ain’t exactly appealing, especially given the current quality of cell phone footage. But something short—say, an eight-minute porn flick made for our very own Hump!—could be very interesting.

Is someone in Seattle talented enough, and brave enough, to do it? We’ll find out on August 21, when all the entries are due.

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My friend Jacob had the idea last year of doing an entry all-cellphone-video style. We had about 4 different phones, it would have been grand. Alas, the couple backed out at the last minute. It's not too late, though, is it?

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