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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pentagon Calls Homosexuality a “Mental Disorder”

Posted by on June 20 at 10:06 AM

gaymilitaryxxx739.jpgReason 5,634,000 why the military fucking sucks. In a recently discovered Pentagon document, the military lists homosexuality as a “mental disorder” that ranks right up there with mental retardation. From the AP report:

“It is disappointing that certain Department of Defense instructions include homosexuality as a ‘mental disorder’ more than 30 years after the mental health community recognized that such a classification was a mistake,” said Rep. Marty Meehan (news, bio, voting record), D-Mass.

Maybe the Pentagon can amend their list… and add themselves to it.

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It seems to me that the real retarded are the ones that would choose to enlist or re-enlist in the military as long as that fetal-alcohol chimp is in charge of things.

How can it be both a "mental disorder" and a "lifestyle choice"? My government is giving me mixed messages.

I blame the activist Bush appointees on the Supreme Court.

can gay gov't employees get disability?

The full scoop and actual documents are here:

Homosexuality is listed on page 88 among "Certain Mental Disorders", along with
Alcoholism or other Substance Use Disorder, Mental Retardation, and Factitious Disorder, among others. Glad to know we're in good company with alcoholics, druggies, liars and retards.

Yet alcoholics, druggies, liars and retards can all get married. Why not us? I'm so confused.

The Seattle P-I has an advice column by Dr. Joyce Brothers today which basically says that it's actually those fucks who wrote the Defense Directive who are the mentally ill ones. Her response to a reader's question about a bigoted relative:

DEAR A.J.: The link between extreme prejudice and whether it should be considered an actual form of mental illness is a topic that's being discussed frequently among mental-health experts. Some, such as Alvin Poussaint, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, feel that such individuals are delusional and when they fear that complete strangers who happen to look or think a certain way are going to hurt them and they therefore need to protect themselves, they're clearly impaired.

Often, prejudice and bias, whether against those of a different race or religion, or against homosexuals, begin in the home or community, where they're passed down to children. You're right to be concerned about your own children being in the presence of such bigotry, but I'm sure you used this as an opportunity to teach them that this exists in our world, and that this kind of irrational hatred endangers everyone's health.

The real mental illness revolves around a culture where you're not allowed to think for yourself, you never question authority, and you blindly follow leadership into an abyss. I'll take the title of being mentally ill as a fag against those dumbasses any day of the week. Good to know that they don't defend all Americans, just those they think mold to their little book of morals and didactic bullshit.

For anyone who's interested, the archives of "This American Life" has a great show on the APA's historic change of position ("81 Words," Episode 204).

Go to 2002 archives and scroll down to the January 18th episode; it plays through streaming MP3.

the guy in pic is hot

I'm always amazed at just how more outspoken and progressive Massachusetts and other East coast congresspeople are compared to Washington's.

Wait. No I'm not. I've lived both places.

Wow, I have a new respect for Dr. Joyce Brothers. "I brought my own mic!"

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