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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Olympia Pharmacy Refuses to Stock Morning-After Pill

Posted by on June 22 at 12:52 PM

The owner of Ralph’s Thriftway in Olympia tells the Olympian: “I just think people have to choose when they believe life begins. There are questions about this drug on that issue.”

No, there aren’t. Plan B works exactly like regular birth control, preventing pregnancy by preventing ovulation, fertilization or, in some rare cases, implantation of a fertilized egg. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say pregnancy begins at implantation, not fertilization. Thus the approximately 50 percent of fertilized eggs that don’t attach to women’s uterine walls are not tiny human beings: they’re eggs that women’s bodies failed to nurture.

The state Board of Pharmacy recently passed a draft rule that will, if adopted in August, allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for moral reasons.

The silver lining: Customers of Ralph’s are making their displeasure known by organizing a boycott of the fundamentalist grocer.

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Which is as it should be. He should not be compelled to sell what he doesn't wish - in turn no one need trade with him if they don't wish to.

A win-win ideologically for everyone. How often does that happen?


What is it with you organizing boycotts when people politics don't match your own?

First Cafe Septieme and now this?

Does have any connection to the other thriftways?

Yeah, like those lame-os who organized boycotts against companies who invested in apartheid South Africa, just because South Africa's politics didn't match their own.

What a bunch of jerks!

someguy, try reading the links, why dontcha. the olympian's headline reads "Boycott brews over grocer's Plan B stand." it's hardly erica's doing.

So when do people get to choose when they believe infections begin? I think most pharmacists are way too liberal with antibiotics. Helloooo? "antibiotic" means "against life"!!!!

FYI, reporting on a boycott is not "organizing." I didn't organize the Septieme boycott either.

Boycott- Stormans owns Ralph's and Bayview in Olympia, but I think that's it.

This is sad news. Greg is one of my customers, and for years his family's stores have provided the only alternative to big supermarket chains in town. Oh well, I won't be shopping there anymore.

Someguy, the day we start listening to you is the day we turn into Soviet Russia.

Now - stop trying to legislate morality and promoting incompetent leaders, and get back to work!

Good, then maybe after she leaves Ralph's on her way to another pharmacy the boyfriend will call her on her cell phone and plead with her that he wants to be a father. As her eyes swell up in tears, she'll run back into Ralph's and buy a little baby's rattle.

Part of the reason "conscience clauses" and such piss me off is that the pharmacist does not know, and does not NEED TO KNOW, the whole story. The woman getting the Plan B - or the RU486, come to that - could be someone for whom a pregnancy would be life-threatening. The woman getting birth control pills could be someone with crippling endometriosis, taking the pill so that she can function without indescribable pain. It could be a woman with a serious genetic disorder. The point is, the woman knows the situation, her doctor knows the situation, and between them, they arrived at the solution that seems medically and personally appropriate. The pharmacist does not need to be privy to that decision.

I hope Ralph's will, in the spirit of not meddling with what the Lord hath made, also immediately cease to stock boner pills.

Any pharmacy that makes such decisions should have to be labeled prominently on all signage as a LIMITED SERVICE pharmacy.

Yeah, Mapleleaf, or maybe her rapist will be dancing a jig, gloating over the fact that his victim will be forced to bear his child because she can't get her prescription filled. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

SDA I'm certain that Mapleleaf's post was irony. If not, It cracked me up in defiance of my own best interests. Sort of like being a voter in South Carolina, I suppose.

Whole Foods and the Co-Op sells Plan B abortion pills, so make sure all women know where they can buy them. A woman has a right to choose, and all grocery stores must be forced to sell these pills. I believe 7-11 will begin selling Plan B soon too.

Can someone post information about herbal abortion teas? Some women may prefer a natural option.

Someguy, the day we start listening to you is the day we turn into Soviet Russia.

In Soviet Russia, boycott starts YOU.

Also, it just sucks to live anywhere in Washington outside of Seattle, it seems. Self-righteous fundies everywhere, more backwards than most of most other regions.

I never said it sucks to live outside Seattle. I used to live north of Spokane, wonder boy. Washington has tons of great places, and my fave place to get a beefalo burger is just over the mountains on Highway 2.

Well, it sucks for anyone seeking birth control.

plan b is basically a really concentrated version of birth control pills, so in case of an emergency, take 6 of your normal b- pills. that is, if you live in one of the many fundamentalist crazed towns.word to yo mutha

In the case of Ralph's Thriftway in Olympia, at least one of their pharmacists actually WANTS to fill emergency contraception prescriptions. I took a Rx for Plan B in there today, and he said "I'm embarrassed that I can't fill this. The store owners didn't consult me when they decided the store policy." I concur that unless there are clinical contra-indications or suspicion of fraud, a pharmacist should fill a Rx. But the situation in Olympia is even more extreme: A grocer has taken it upon himself to make birth control decisions for me, without my or the pharmacist's consent.

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Sorta sad to me. My Grandmother bought fish from Ken Storman's grandfather down by what is now Capitol Lake. My Mom too. I was there at the opening of the present Thriftway store with the Miss Thriftway hydroplane on display. A long history with this store and family.
First, a few years ago, a bunch of lame christian literature showed up by the checkout area. I looked the other way.
But the recent stuff the owner is spouting is just hard core right wing anti woman filth. I can't live with that and anyone who is my friend is getting the word from me. "Stop buying at this chain and any business that pushes this line of nonsense." Either they limit their customers to religious nuts or sell to someone who is willing to cater to the sensibliities of this community
In case it matters, I'm a 63 year old male.

Why must the liberals always have it their way? Obviously, he does not support abortion, and you do.

Free choice right, you still get to choose, and Kevin gets to choose his way, whether to sell it or not.

You choose, I choose, simple as that.

This is not an abortion issue. Plan B is birth control. It is solely comprised of progestin, a synethetic hormone that is also the primary ingredient in many forms of "the pill." Progesterone doesn't kill babies, or fetuses, or embryos. It doesn't disrupt an existing pregnancy. It is not an abortifacient. Plan B works primarily by suppressing ovulation. Life doesn't begin before ovulation occurs. You and Kevin Stormans had better learn to mix a little science with your faith.

Dont need to.....

all I said is he has the right to choose....and why not, you do...

free choice, pro choice,


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