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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Morning News

Posted by on June 22 at 8:09 AM

Condoms: Now with 50 percent less HPV transmission.

The GOP: Now with a familiar message.

Maria Cantwell: Now in a statistical dead heat with McGavick.

Net Neutrality: Now in the Seattle Times.

Bush’s Preemption Doctrine: Now applicable to North Korea?

War Games: Now off Guam.

The Apocalypse: Now with high-tech help.

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Cantwell is in trouble. McGavick's money is just starting to flow. She needs to come out hard and dirty with an ad linking McGavick and Bush, McGavick and the Kristianist Kooks, McGavick the lying sack of shit. But not just yet; wait a month or even two. With any luck McGavick will blow his wad by primary time. But I'm worried. Starting now the less she is connected with the antiwar protesters the better.

So 40% of Americans believe some sort of apocalypse is imminent. That's two out of five people who don't care to think more than a couple decades into the future. I thought about this when I heard about security funding being diverted away from high-risk targets; all us city dwellers are living in sin anyway, but the good people of rural Nebraska need to be kept safe long enough to be jugded by a Roman peasant who was tortured to death. Or something. My apocalypse theory involves people being fucking stupid rather than red cows or action-packed battles pitting good against evil. Would anyone like to argue that my apocalyptic precondition is here?

wait, what, no mention of santorum and his wmd flub?

Re: The GOP's familiar message...

Maybe Democrats can peg the Republican-hawks-turned-war-critics-turned-hawks as "flip floppers" in the next election, since they were for the war after they were against it, but were against being against the war before they were against it.

How to win an election that your strategists say must be fought on local issues instead of national issues tied to America's dislike of President Unindicted Coconspirator Bush - make it about Iraq.

Wow! The coke must be flowing freely at the Bush White House ...

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