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Monday, June 19, 2006

More Bush Visit Pushback

Posted by on June 19 at 15:25 PM

The state Democratic party is now complaining that in order to be in Medina for his big fund-raiser last Friday with the Commander in Chief, eastside Congressman Dave Reichert skipped out on a Congressional vote on the Iraq War.

Republican leaders said this was an important vote, but apparently it wasn’t important enough for Dave Reichert to attend,” said Dwight Pelz, Chair of the Washington State Democrats. “The American public is fed up with the Bush administration and Republican leaders for their poor handling of the war. They expect their leaders in Congress to come up with a successful strategy, not fill their campaign warchests with the man who led us into this failed strategy in the first place.”

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How long before this becomes a popular elective weight-loss surgery?

well, you know, either way he was going to heck.

Notice the Pelz spin: Republicans suck because of "their poor handling of the war", not because of their initial or continuing support of the war. Implication: Democrats fight wars better than Republicans because they are better strategists. I sense a big change coming in '06!

Who said the strategy is failing? If cut-and-run Libs like Murtha had their way with troop pullouts -- Zarqaqwi would still be alive today.

Iraq will become an ever more volatile issue for Dems to campaign on in '06...

What does it matter if he was there or not? Dubya has a rubber-stamp majority in Congress: unless the measure failed by a vote, Reichert's vote didn't really make a difference.

You go ahead and keep deluding yourself, Patrick. Showered with rose petals and all that. Stay the course, a thousand points of light. Last throes. Idiots.

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