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Monday, June 26, 2006

Local Treasures

Posted by on June 26 at 19:37 PM

Seattle is lucky to have a writer like Charles Mudede living here and writing about our city. Go read Mudede’s article on the local hiphop label Mass Line.

Charles’s lead paragraph is about 4 defining hiphop moments in Seattle. I don’t know shit about hiphop, but I’m going to take the liberty of adding a 5th moment: Charles Mudede’s article on Mass Line. What we have here is a great writer who loves hiphop (and who is voting in his heart for locally produced hiphop to succeed), writing about something that’s going on—something that Mudede has wanted to be going on for years now: the emergence of a multi-culti label that represents a handful of intertwined hiphop groups with an apparent political mission statement.

That a wonderful writer like Mudede wanted this to happen, and that it’s now happening—presented the opportunity for one of those rare articles that becomes part of the story.

The news peg for Mudede’s story was Friday night’s Mass Line label showcase at the Showbox. The show sold out.