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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Litigate the bastards

Posted by on June 20 at 10:34 AM

PRWeek interviews Robert F Kennedy Jr. after his smash hit Rolling Stone article Was the 2004 Election Stolen? about writing the article, reactions to it, and how he’s next going to try and stop GOP shenanigans.

(If you haven’t gotten around to it already, the article’s a good read. It’ll make you crave a sagging porch and wicker chairs to sit with a few likeminded liberals and bitch crabbier about the piss-poor state of Our Country and how it got This Bad than you’ve ever bitched before, and why we’re not going to Take IT Anymore, BY GOD. Yeah. All that without feeling like a conspiracy theorist. Thanks RFK, Jr!)

PRWeek: What reaction have you seen from the general public?

Kennedy: There’s a huge reaction. Rolling Stone told me that it’s gotten two and a half times as many e-mails [about this article] as it’s ever gotten for any other story in its history. So there’s a huge appetite for this story.

PRWeek: Is there a next step?
Kennedy: I’ve been meeting with attorneys… to devise a litigation strategy. And I would say that very soon we’ll be announcing lawsuits against some of the individuals and companies involved.

PRWeek: Who exactly would that litigation be targeting?
Kennedy: I wouldn’t say, right now.

PRWeek: The election is over. Is it too late now?
Kennedy: There’s another election soon. And as the Times [just] reported, the same people are up to the same shenanigans.