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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Limbaugh & Chloe? W…T… F!?!

Posted by on June 28 at 17:12 PM

According to Atrios Blogspot, rumors are flying around D.C. that conservative radio host (and Viagra popper) Rush Limbaugh is dating actress Mary-Lynn Rajskub better known as the acerbic Chloe from the hit show 24! AND ONE OF MY FAVE TV CHARACTERS IN THE WORLD.

Rumors were swirling around Capitol Hill and beyond Tuesday that Rush Limbaugh is dating actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O’Brian on the Fox series “24.” Though that still doesn’t explain the unauthorized bottle of little blue pills (shhh, Viagra!) that customs agents found in Limbaugh’s luggage at Palm Beach International Airport on Monday. If you saw the papers over the weekend, including The Washington Post, there were photos of Limbaugh planting a big kiss right on Rajskub’s lips during a dog-and-pony event at the Heritage Foundation.



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Whatever. Do you think the people who've been saying for years that Rush just needs to get laid will shut up finally?

I actually happened on this event on TV over the weekend and what a strange few minutes that was. He was the moderator of some panel she was on. I arrived in time to witness him ask her a series of confusing questions that confused her to the point of not being able to answer.

The exchange sure didn't lead me to believe there was anything else going on aside from a failure to communicate.

...and Mary Lynn is going to be performing at Bumbershoot this year...

Maybe Rush will step out and do a real life version of the act that Paul Gilmartin did last year (seen the video proof of what Paul Gilmartin did by clicking the videos link at

I'd wait in line, eating an elephant ear, to see something like that...


Mr. Humphrey, I'm surprised she didn't clear the relationship with you first. Clearly y'all are on the outs.

The exchange sure didn't lead me to believe there was anything else going on aside from a failure to communicate.

So you thought they were married?

You watch too much TV

Guess that's what he needed the Viagra for.....

Rush handled this with class. He joked on air about how his luggage got switched somehow with Bob Dole and later mentioned he told his doctor he was worried about the next "election" :)

Anyone else would have been too afraid to mention it

Anyone else would have been too afraid to mention it

Most anyone else wouldn't reek of rampant hypocrisy.

It's a pretty exclusive group that can say they've dated both David Cross and Rush Limbaugh.

[i]Most anyone else wouldn't reek of rampant hypocrisy.[/i]

You must be referring to his drug addiction, no I dont see how thats related, He wasnt charged with any crime

Rush is also profoundly deaf and has an Cochlear implant this might explain a lot about a failure to communicate

Lighten up, Limbaugh is funny, and just like Jon Stewart nobody should take him seriously

Ummm, maybe the hypocrisy lies somewhere in the neighborhood of shouting about "family values" to your 20 million listeners at the same time that your private life consists of four divorces, unmarried pharmacologically-assisted sexual trysts, and "guy trips" to underage sex tourism hotspots.

family values? Rush? uh ok, you can just admit now you don't listen.

Maybe you should do more than LISTEN and READ Limbaughs book...he puts down half the nation for not being as upright as he is.

The book is pre-viagra, 1992 or so...

Really? Oh the humanity! Lets burn him at the stake.

Common.. this is "entertainment" news, about a "entertainment" program host, and I couldn't care less who Limbaugh bangs. Im just glad Michael Savage doesnt have the largest radio show in America. That guy is scary, he really is a bigot and hater that everyone thinks all of talk radio is dominated by.

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