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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kids These Days

Posted by on June 27 at 16:23 PM

You know how it’s totally obvious that kids these days are total idiots, and even worse, that they got no damn soul?

It’s because they didn’t get to see Stevie Wonder funk up Sesame Street with a screamin’ Superstition when they were growing up. And this isn’t just some 3 minute radio edit, they stretched… it… out.



Also check out Stevie’s take on the Sesame Street song.


UPDATE: For some reason, the Superstition video has been made “private,” which sucks. If anyone can find it elsewhere, let me know.

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holy shit. that was so fucking hot.

true enough... thanks... amazing!

The best part is the little girl rocking out the entire time on the balcony in the background.

Those kids are keeping good time, too.
This also explains why my older sister is infinitely cooler than I am; she grew up on shit like this.

My computer is on fire!

thank you for making my wait at the airport not so miserable. little stevie damn!!

OMG. The "superstition" clip is restricted, but the Sesame Street song was there.

That clip is like the conservatives worst nightmare. Everything they feel was wrong with the 70's is right there: Blacks. . PBS. Frizzy hair. Women in pantsuits. If they would nave just worked Amtrak into it somehow, conservative heads all across the country would have exploded, and we could have been spared all this misery of the last 25 years or so.

Bah! Why would he go and make that video private?

What a shame.

Hey! It's back! and it's excellent!

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