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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I-920 Update

Posted by on June 27 at 13:59 PM

Northwest Progressive Insititute’s Andrew Villeneuve was on KISW 99.9 FM (Seattle) this morning debating I-920 sponsor Dennis Falk and, evidently, the host.

I-920 would repeal the state’s estate tax, which affects about 250 families whose estates are valued at over $2 million. Among the arguments against repealing the tax: It would swipe about $40 million a year from public-school funding.

I’m guessing that’s what led to this bizarre exchange that Villeneuve exerpts on NPI’s blog.

Host: Well the bottom line is this: First of all, I think the reason the public schools system is the way it is is because we encourage people to continue to have babies ridiculously without any control - I would like to see something -

Me: How does that factor in here? (Host tries to talk over me)

Host: Listen my friend - you know what, our population base is coming from idiots who just think they can pop out a baby without being ready to have a baby - which pretty much is almost every case that’s out there, Hispanic or not.

Me: Really.

Host: Oh yes!

Me:: That’s a gross mischaracterization.

Host: Not at all. We have more single mothers in the state of Washington per capita than any other place in the country, there genius. And you know why? Because women think they can pop out kids any time they want, and they’re a drain on our system. Let’s be honest here. You wanna - if you wanna really shrink school sizes, then teaching people how to have families responsibly is the way you go. Not taking money from the rich - again, to fund organizations and governmental agencies that will reward people for being idiots and not being responsible. Which is what you’re doing.

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How can you tax people twice when we DON'T HAVE A STATE INCOME TAX?

Seriously, Logic 101.

There is no state income tax in Washington. You only pay sales tax when you BUY something. Money inherited by your Paris Hiltons has NEVER BEEN TAXED if you live here. If you had spent it, it would have been taxed - but you didn't so it hasn't been taxed.

That aside, I've actually paid estate taxes. Unless you're way too rich, you will never have to. Period.

I agree with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet on this issue.

NEWS FLASH: Radio host makes inflammatory comments in an attempt to shock other!!! More details as this riveting story unfolds!

I'm not sure what's more laughable; the host's response or the fact that someone went on KISW expecting to hold an intelligent debate over the estate tax.

I was trying to figure out where he got his numbers (well, that is, completely numberless numbers) from, and came across this very telling page from the Christian Party:

Wherein they amusingly misrepresent a chart that clearly counts number of *families* and uses it to measure number of *children*, thereby coming to the conclusion that 22 million children are living parentless.

Who the fuck listens to right wing talk radio? Why? What is wrong with these people? And why are there so many of them?

Conservatives - continuing to step in their own bullshit. I kinda agree with this barbarian on one thing - Anyone not included in the 200 fanilies this bill benefits who votes yes should not be allowed to breed and pass on their retard gene.

Obviously this guy was WAY off topic, but it would have been fun to continue down the road he was heading and get to the inevitable fact that creatures like him are also opposed to BIRTH CONTROL!

1.) People listen to conservative radio because they're stupid, and conservative radio not only resolves them of the burden of thinking, it legitimizes their feelings of hatred, and channels it.

2.) That host probably isn't against birth control. He probably just fancies himself as a "rational thinker" and, by extension in his addled little mine, a "conservative"

The ironic thing is, of course, that teaching kids to be responsible about sexuality is something most of these "conservatives" would be dead set against.

But you know what? This stupid initiative will probably get enough signatures. The estate tax will be repealed, and five years from now those same conservatives will be whining about how shitty the schools are. Just like they whine about how shitty the roads are. They're retarded.

Anyway, according, to the 2000 Census, the host was (of course) utterly full of shit. Washington has only the 34th highest percentage of single-mother families out of 50 states.

Wanna know what state's at the top? Mississippi, with a single mother family rate twice as bad as WA's. MS is followed by Louisiana and South Carolina. The top 10 of that list is pretty damn red. (To be fair, so is the bottom 10 of the list.)

Some petitioners at Safeway were collecting signatures for the school money initiative, the elderly care initiative and THIS one! I was flabbergasted that they bundled those 3 together somehow. I almost signed it without realizing.

Even if we had an income tax, the double taxation thing makes no sense; income happens when money changes hands. If I mow the lawn for Mom and get paid for it, that's (technically) income to be reported to the IRS. If I get a monetary gift from Mom, same thing. If she's already dead at the time, same thing.

I wonder if this is the grand unifiaction of social conservatism and fiscal conservatism: both hate sex. Social conservatives for religious reasons, fiscal conservatives because it produces babies.

Hence: Sex is bad and deserves punishment. Kids are the punishment from doing the "bad" thing.

Villify sexuality and it helps one get around paying for the social responsibility of raising kids. Neat.

Want high single unwed mother pregnancy rates? Look at the data from the 1950's - the time the radical conservatives want to move us back to.


Sometimes, just want to take a good stick and whack those morons upside the head ...

why the fuck is Andrew Villeneuve our spokesperson for anything? everyone I know who's worked with him despises his egomaniacal antics....

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