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Friday, June 16, 2006

HUMP Tickets!

Posted by on June 16 at 15:08 PM

From the HUMP! mailbag…

When do HUMP! tickets go on sale? I’ve searched your website through, and if the information is there, I’m sorry I simply cannot find it. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!!!!—Chelsea

First let me say that everyone at HUMP! HQ just adores your enthusiasm, Chelsea. And you’re not the only person that has written in to ask about buying tickets to HUMP!, Seattle’s second annual amateur porn contest.

But Chelsea, honey, we only just announced the contest! Filmmakers don’t have to submit their finished entries until August 20, and HUMP! itself doesn’t go down until September 8-9, 2006, at Northwest Film Forum. Ticket sales? Right now we’re worried about getting release forms to filmmakers and doing all we can to grease the, er, wheels for folks who want to make and star in a film for HUMP! We’ll worry about ticket sales later!

But rest assured, Chelsea, once the tickets go on sale you’ll read about it here first!

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