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Friday, June 9, 2006

HUMP! is On!

Posted by on June 9 at 14:41 PM

Our first annual amateur porn contest was such a smash that we had to do it again—HUMP! is back!


Full details are in this week’s paper. Soon we’ll have a dedicated page on our website where HUMPsters can trade tips, post casting calls, find crews, and swap gossip as Seattle’s one-and-only festival of locally produced porn comes together.

We’ve made a few changes to the festival this year—shorter films (max length this year is 8 minutes, not 12), bigger grand prize (a trip to Vegas for 2 and $2,000 cash), and films can be submitted on DVD or VHS; and lots more screenings!

One thing we haven’t changed: This porn festival safe and anonymous for actors and filmmakers! Just like last year, we’ll make one master tape and a single backup from the HUMP! entries, and return the originals to the filmmakers, and we destroy our copies in front of the audience after the last screening. HUMP! lets you be a porn star for the weekend—not for life!

HUMP! takes place at the Northwest Film Forum September 8-9, 2006. So if you’re looking for something fun to do on your summer vacation, we’ve got the answer—make some porn!

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Wow! While we're killing thousands of innocent people in Iraq, and at the same time ruining the environment for the entire planet, what better way to prove we're hip and happening than host a porn movie contest!

Hip! Cool! Happening! Guess you learned a lot watching Al Gore's movie?

How can we all learning to be trendy fun people like you? If I get a two thousand dollar mountain bike to ride to the Co-Op will that make me cool?

This proves once and for all that you Seattlites are all godless heathens racing each other towards your reward of fiery damnation, where you will be forced to watch porn movies featuring my good and righteous friends Daniel Freykis and Pastor X for all eternity. Global warming is nothing compared to the fires awaiting you.

Al Gore's movie was boring. I'd much rather watch local porn. Besides if we've already ruined the environment, there's nothing left but to have a good time.

People are dying in Iraq and the planet is in trouble—so how dare people go to movies, rock shows, restaurants, clubs, gyms, parks, ballgames, bowling alleys, make porn, etc. Until the planet is saved and the troops are home, we should all be sitting around in hairshirts.


You can do something to stop the bloodshed in Iraq (by voting for folks who will stop it) and buy a hybrid car or getting rid of your car entirely. And then in the time you have left over, Neato Fun, you can make some fucking porn if that's what you want to do. Or go to a rock show or a bowling alley or a ballgame.

I vote someone films Tim Eyman at home in his Princess Leia slavegirl costume. You *know* he has one, he just hides it behind the Darth Vader suit.

Porn: Unpatriotic.
Decimation of Environment: Sigh, byproduct of Patriotism
Smoking Ban: Feelgood Sideshow

When will Hump tickets go on sale?

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