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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hardcore Hill

Posted by on June 26 at 14:29 PM

What’s the dirtiest thing you saw at Pride? Boys in jocks dancing in the Seattle Center fountain? Bare-breasted dykes? Mark Finley’s mouth?

For certain residents of the Hill—anyone who lives on or walked down 15th last night—the dirtiest thing about Pride had to be Planet Booty. An anonymous fan of dirty, dirty gay sex projected hardcore gay porn—live action porn, dick going in and out of butt, thirty feet tall—on to the side of an innocent apartment building at 15th & Howell.


The show went on for hours and no one in the neighborhood called the cops. (Or at least we don’t think anyone did, since cops never came.)

When Kelly O showed up and started taking pictures, the person projecting the porn—who shall remain anonymous—leaned out of nearby building. “Don’t tell anyone,” he said. The porn projectionist was asking us to be discreet about the thirty-foot-tall, live-action, hardcore gay porn that he was showing the whole neighborhood.

Uh… okay. We’ll be discreet.

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That is perhaps the BEST THING EVER.

And I'm sure people would be just as thrilled to see some hardcore straight sex, right Dan?

Oh no, we couldn't have that. That's not PC.

How about posting some photo's of the circuit dance in the fountain...

Hardcore straight sex? We're all for it—hell, 90% of the entries in HUMP last year were hardcore straight porn. And we're doing it again. Why? Because we LOVE hardcore straight porn!

I do too—who do you think has to sit through all the HUMP submissions? Me, that's who... and I, er, love it.

Keep it cumming...
Straight and is all good.

I support the death penalty for using the spelling "cum" or "cumming".

You sound tense. Maybe you should have someone come over and come with you.

(No, I'm not propositioning you. I just wanted you to see what that looked like in print)

Whoa. No, despite your protests, I'm pretty sure you're coming on to me.

OK, if it makes you feel better, consider me coming on to you. But feel free to reject me - I certainly would, if I were coming on to me.

Actually, I do come on to me a couple of times a day, and I hardly ever reject me, but the less said about that, the better.

Damn that Dan Savage and his smut!

Now you've put me in a bind, because I try to never do anything that makes me feel better. But if it makes YOU feel any better, yours is the most convoluted reasoning I've seen in weeks!

Wow, it really is hot in here, huh?

Think that always, and say it every once in a while, won't you????

How come I always miss stuff like this? I would not expect such shenanigans in a reserved, repressed place like Seattle.

Absolutely fantastic! I love it. My neighborhood never ceases to amaze me. That's why I lovve it here.

I always miss the good stuff!

damn, i'm a photographer and it would have been awesome to capture this especially since i'm only a few blocks away. people! you need to alert me to such happenings!!!

Fnarf and Catalina should totally have their own morning talk show. Such excellent banter! Well played, men.

Porn is porn is porn. It's all yummy as long as it is consenting adults who are doing it.

Wish I had seen it ;-)

I thought it was great. Perhaps this will be a new tradition at pride. If we are lucky the same guy will live there next year and do it again. viva outdoor porn!

I have to strongly disagree. I think this was very distasteful. The decision to watch porn is one each person should be able to choose to make, and one that only should be made by legally of age adults. What if children had been present? And those that choose not to watch porn should not be subjected to it projected 30 ft. high on an apartment building. I think our gay community needs a lot more class and this in no way helps us obtain that.

I'll second Ryan on that one. Funny... but in poor taste. (Not to mention stupid, since it's technically illegal.)

Dan, you should get an LJ account and come argue with these people! There is great fodder for your column. :p

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