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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Good Sign

Posted by on June 27 at 12:21 PM


I spotted this message on a house along the Fremont Canal yesterday evening.

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Wipe shit on a Torah, piss christ, religions are all stupid. Jews and Christians cause all the world's problems.

is it possible to prevent people who just write the same stupid shit over and over again from posting.

it gets really fucking old.

What KONSTANTCONSUMER said. Maybe like Gawker with the invites?

I say this as someone who most certainly will not get one.

We are bombarded with repeated pro religion messages. The Stranger's anti-religion postings provide an antidote. Wiping shit on a Torah, and showing it in a gallery with piss Christ would be a good start.

or at least provide a method to ignore certain posters. put some code-serfs to work.

Was that sign on the south side of the canal--near Seattle Pacific U? That would be funny since that's a big christian outpost.

it's not that "religion sucks" is saying stupid shit, its that the same stupid shit is getting reposted again and again. it's copy/paste stuff, and just annoying.

Would this be a good time to mention Richard Dawkins' "Root of All Evil" documentary?

Next week you will have to write a post about this house being struck be lightning. God does not suffer fools well.

Yes, and after God burns down da house, He will send in Jesus & Santa Claus with uzi's to punish the Blasphemers.

Does that mean, Sr. Hayes, that if the house remains un-blitzed by say, Dec 31, you will admit that your belief in a god is a false one? Of course you won't, and that is the problem.

I'm not a religious person, but Richard's Dawkin's "documentary" is nothing more than editorial. There are scores of amazing, fucking brilliant scientists in leading research today who practice some form of religion. I wouldn't call them delusional. Also- Missionaries have a history of sullying indigenous culture, but it should be noted that religious charity groups do much to counter inhumane conditions all over the world.

I agree with the sign, but thoughtless responses like "religion sucks" annoy me. They don't take into account ALL the factors of and forces behind religion. Not all faiths are oppressive or violent. And is spirituality a waste of time when it's been proven to provide quality of life to people suffering from conditions that we can't even begin to imagine?

Also- there are violent groups that wage war and terror that are completely secular.

"Jews and Christians cause all the world's problems"

It's got a nice ring to it. Too bad it's totally inaccurate.

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