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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Posted by on June 20 at 15:01 PM

That South Carolina is krazy.

Exhibit A: Public schools in South Carolina give academic credit for off-campus Bible education.

Exhibit B: The S.C.-based Christian Exodus organization, which wants to turn South Carolina into its own sovereign Christian nation.

Exhibit C, if you need more: S.C. adopts new evolutionary biology standards that require schools to teach about “scientific criticisms of evolution.”

The prosecution rests.

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But Chareleston is such a wonderful, wonderful city. Listen, the rest of the place can be sovereign, including my birthplace (sumter, pretty houses, not much else). But we should fight for Charleston.

The rest of the state: it just makes good financial sense to let it go. But please let's keep CHAS.

ECB: Charleston is one of America's best examples of small, smart urbanism. It's fascinating and gorgeous.

But yeah, get into the hills and swamps and SC is indeed krazy.

The slogan for the Christian Exodus page is "Come out of her, my people" -- is this sovereign nation going to be some sort of polygamus sex colony?

actually, my mom lives in Charleston, SC. In the part called Mount Pleasant.

Not everyone there is totally nuts.

Dang, too bad we can't just relocate the entire city of Charleston to New Orleans; that would solve two problems at once.

greenville (the city, not the county) is pretty cool as well. my boyfriend and i used to walk around hand in hand, and never got any crap. it has a killer downtown with indepentantly owned restaurants and stores, and manifest records is the best music store i've ever been to.

South Carolina's Senate just approved a proposal to allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty for repeat pedophiles. Someone there is doing some good thinking ....

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