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Monday, June 19, 2006

Every Child Needs a Mother and a Father

Posted by on June 19 at 12:11 PM

A 40-year-old disabled Army veteran is accused of slashing his 11-year-old son to death with a Samurai sword in front of neighbors and killing his wife inside a home in Lake Mary, according to police.

Witnesses said they saw the boy, Nico Duzant, stagger out of the home located on 484 Queensbridge Drive bleeding from the neck and wrists and his father, Franklyn Duzant, 40, allegedly chasing him with the weapon. The father kept attacking the boy with the sword while he was on the ground and then ran into the house, according to the report.

The incident happened on the boy’s 11th birthday, authorities said.

It could have been worse—that boy could have had gay parents. That would really be a tragedy. Full story here.

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Did he switch from sword to machete for a reason I wonder? Maybe the sword was getting to hard to wield, and he wanted something more comfortable. Or perhaps it was only after he unsuccessfully tried to behead his son, that he realized the fake samurai swords you buy at the local malls tobacco, sword and knife shop (manly toy emporia) are not sharpened.
I agree with Dan that it's unlikely that a homosexual would be caught in the front lawn of a home whacking at his son with a dull toy sword. It's a tad gauche. If I had a son that I wanted to murder, I think I'd stab him brutally in the manner of the stabbing in Atlantic City. Done properly that could be very Lautreamontesque.

I guess the gays are somehow to blame for the destruction of this picture perfect straight family...

that's near where I grew up--and about 15 minutes from where a gang of teens killed 6 people over an xbox and a bag of clothes.

Wouldn't a homo kill his son by throwing shade until the 11-year-old flounced into oncoming traffic?

Only in Florida. Dude, what the fuck is wrong with Floridians?

And to come full circle, Florida is the only state that currently bans gays from adopting.

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