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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can You Dance If You Want To?

Posted by on June 29 at 13:01 PM

A friend of mine, an attractive, straight lady, is looking to take her cousin, another attractive, straight lady, out dancing tomorrow night. These are women any guy would want to flirt with. They are in need of a Fun Evening Out. They are in need of good music and the presence of cute, eligible, hetero guys. Mostly they are in need of a dance floor. I put it to you, Slog readers: where do attractive ladies who want to dance go on a Friday night? Is there anywhere that is not (a) gay, or (b) insufferable?

Your comments are greatly appreciated. The cousin arrives tomorrow.

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I would tell them to do what every straight lady on Capitol Hill does. Glom onto a pack of gay dudes, hang out at a gay bar all night and bitch and moan all night about how they can never meet the right men and never get hit on.

Other than that, the WAR Room? Trinity perhaps?'re not asking the question "where do straight, single, Seattle women go to meet straight, single, Seattle men," right?

Because, you know, I'm assuming you want an answer other than "anywhere," (and that's the only honest answer you can give in this sausage festival of a city).

Why, Re-Bar of course!

I asked this question before. In typical Seattle fashion, everyone refuses to give a straight answer.

Well geeze, you're asking the question in the Gay Rag of Record for Seattle. What do you expect? ;-)

Better you should ask over in the Weekly Daily or Daily Weekly or whatever that place is. Maybe there are some straights over there who know how to dance. Maybe.

Well, I can't give an answer, because I don't know of such a place. But I have to ask -- if you wanna go dancing, why would you WANT to go to a place where you can meet straight guys? When I go out to dance with my friends, I don't want to be hit on -- I want to enjoy dancing with my friends! Getting hit on usually means obnoxiously drunk guys getting in someone's face and interrupting our fun. I'll leave my flirtation for another day.

Well geeze, he's asking the question in the Gay Rag of Record for Seattle. What do you expect? ;-)

Better he should ask over in the Weekly Daily or Daily Weekly or whatever that place is. Maybe there are some straights over there who know how to dance. Maybe.

i vote the war room.

I've been in militarized zones with less security than at the War Room. If they go there, tell them to expect a demeaning time in line and an incriminating frisking.

Seriously, motown. I have seen the security detail at War Room outnumber the customers. They are very keen about shining their mag lights right in your face for no reason. I say go to the Little Red Hen and git down urban cowboy style.

DING DING DING! Longball wins it by a mile.

I'd rather chew road tar than listen to country music, but the LIttle Red Hen packs 'em in every week. Go figure.

Why not go dancing in Fremont? You can check out the nearby bars, and wrap it up with Fire Pit Dancing next to the Fremont Canal.

How about my bedroom--Awright.

The Dexter Lake Club. I hear Otis will be playing.

I just moved here from L.A. and I've yet to find a decent place,we usually always end up at Neighbours and have so much fun dancing!

my girlfriends and i dig the fenix underground. the guys there range from yuppie to punk rock, there's tons of floor space so it never feels crowded, and it's easy to make conversation. plus, guys who pay the $12 to get in usually don't mind getting the ladies a round of drinks. and if they don't like the scene there, they can head to any of the other nightclubs nearby - the admission to the fenix also covers admission to a few other cool dance places. good luck.

I think the Fenix closed already.
Noc Noc is fun and small enough to be friendly. Viceroy is sexy and has DJs but not much room to dance. Best bet if you don't mind a mixed crowd: Riz at Re-Bar.

I second the Little Red Hen suggestion. I know a few girls in need of a good time that have danced, drank and been boned cowboys. (I've been told to beware of grandpa's who while pulling you onto the packed wooden dance floor whisper, "uh oh, looks like a tummy touchin' song.") Yee haw!

If it's on the 2nd Saturday of the month, send them to the LoFi for the Emerald City Soul Club

i don't know anything about the headliners, but the combo of daylight basement & no-fi soul rebellion at the croc might work out.

Riz, Re-Bar. I second that emotion.

Baltic Room?

Also, there's a bikini show at the Chop Suey on the 3rd. My guess is that there will be some guys there.

Have you checked out the new bar Havana? It's on 10th and pike accross the street from Vita (look for black canopy, they opened last week and I think have yet to put up a proper sign) I've been there a few times and it is one of my favorite bars already. When it gets busy (which I am sure it will on a Friday) I've seen the crowd organically start dancing... there are DJ's on the weekends too, attractive crowd, classy yet unpretentious staff.... I am sure there will be dancing tonight.

If you can wait a day, hit the Alibi Room on Sat. DJ Greasy has a new night called Junk in the Basement and this week he's got DJ Nasir coming out of retirement to rock the house. Expect some rare groove, some hip hop, some funk and most likely some disco.

Oh, and cupcakes at midnight. Perfect.

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