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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Burn Old Glory, Burn!

Posted by on June 27 at 15:58 PM

As expected, the flag burning amendment failed in the Senate today. Unfortunately, it failed by just one vote.

Thankfully, if the anti-free speech fucktards in Congress do manage to soil the Constitution one day, this site has a number of handy ways to get around the amendment.

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Diane Feinstein is a jackass.

This has me puzzled, because I can't for the life of me remember the last time I saw somebody in this country burning a flag as an act of protest. In fact, other than some footage from the sixties, I'm not sure I've ever seen it happen. Has there been a rash of flag desecrations that I didn't hear about?

Why can't congress concentrate on real problems, such as how violent video games and rap music lyrics are destroying the moral fiber of today's youth? Or giving dead rich people much-needed relief from double taxation?

Irrelevant. The point is not to prevent flag-burning, but rather, to make right-minded 'mericans hate flag-burnin' liberals.

Also, it creates a nasty voter-turnout problem for the Democrats: should this ever pass the Senate, it goes to the states for ratification, possibly over the course of several years. Imagine the right-wing nutballs that a flag-burning ammendment would bring to the polls....I can pretty much guarantee that they wouldn't cast a ballot for Hilary Clinton at the same time.

Let's give some props to Senators Cantwell and Murray for holding the line on this one.

I wonder which way Mike McGavick would've voted.

The nutjobs burned one outside the Democratic National Convention in 2000. The only reason I know this is because I saw a picture of it on some site talking about this amendment. This amendment is doing more to promote flag burning and the so-called ideas that like it than anything else I could imagine. Certainly more than burning a flag could do. Isn't that ... ironic?

What about burning a rainbow flag?

Oh, and Harry Reid actually voted for the resolution, as well.

IF it passes, what then shall be done about all those red, white and blue "support the troops" magnets that are made in China?

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