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Friday, June 30, 2006

Breaking News: Consolidated Works “Seeking New Quarters”

Posted by on June 30 at 11:40 AM

Consolidated Works will not renew its lease with Vulcan (signed five years ago and scheduled to terminate on October 1, 2006) and will leave the 500 Boren Ave N address.

Here’s some verbiage from a press release that was leaked to The Stranger earlier today:

“Allena Gabosch, President of ConWorks, said, ‘… seismic improvements to the building are required by the city, and even after those improvements, our landlord will require a nine-month exit clause to permit it to develop our South Lake Union Lot if an opportunity arises.’”
“The lease on the current ConWorks space ends on September 30, 2006, but ConWorks plans to vacate by July 31, 2006… In true ConWorks fashion, the organization will host a party the final weekend of July 2006 to celebrate all of the great art, great friendships, and great times that have been enjoyed at 500 Boren Ave N.”

I wonder how well the first three and a half years at 500 Boren Ave N will be represented at the party.

Click here to see the press release.

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Well, the crusty 'ole Conwerks bldg sure doesn't look like any building in the Mercer Corridor Project drawing at the below link. Anyone know if the Mattress biz in the same bldg -- former Ducky's Office Furniture location -- gets the boot, too? The wrecking ball of continued South Lake Union redevelopment idling on the horizon?

Shit, where did I put that condo downpayment?

That's a shame - I feel like ConWorks was a major highlight for Paul Allen's case for redeveloping South Lake Union. I hope they're not getting the boot (it's not made clear whose decision it was form the original blog).

I really like going down to the (current) SLU area for ConWorks shows and events. But then, the area is morphing into shiny, crappy Allentown quicker than one can say 'boo'.

Good luck to ConWorks in finding a new home that retains the feel of their first 2 buildings.

Conwerks is a HUGE space. And in a great central location. L-shaped loading dock, roll up doors for at-grade deliveries/load-in/out, all kinds of art feels/formats inside, nearly the whole, huge block. A big score for them. It'll be quite a trick for them to pull another place like that out of the shrinking Seattle haystack.

Not a great loss: Conworks seems to be more in the rental biz than arts biz these days. For my money when Meg Shiffler (sp?) and Matt Richter were there that's when that org meant something now it's just a big building that's got nothing going.
Maybe those two can start something new from the ashes of the current Conworks.

Does the term "schadenfreude" [n : delight in another person's misfortune] apply here?

Aw crap! All that time I put in building risers, hanging dry wall, digging sewer lines - wasted!

Hm, I hear a big ole space at Seattle Center might be available soon...

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