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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blog Post of the Day

Posted by on June 21 at 13:21 PM

You’ll find it over at Hominid Views posted by Darryl.

The post goes to the video tape on Cantwell Vs. McGavick on fuel efficiency standards— and does a total number on McGavick for trying to hoodwink voters. Excellent.

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yet another America-hating Bushie caught LYING to the public yet again.

Did you know all of the GOP candidates for President are adulterers? Yup, every single one.

Indeed Will, following the tradition of Bill Clinton. Aldultry and politics is an non-sequitor. So what's your point?

One expects political candidates to paint as rosy a picture as possible of themselves, but it's a little early for desperate blatant lies, isn't it? Cantwell may be seen as vulnerable, but McGavick could at least pretend to be running a halfway clean campaign. Guess not.

Mapleleaf - if you can't play with the fire, get your hands out of it.

My point being the immorality which is the GOP.

Nuff said.

Now, go lie somewhere else.

Hint: Iraq is a clvsterfvck.

Here's the difference, Mapleleaf:
The Dems aren't going to waste millions of dollars and tons of time and energy impeaching the Republicans for their adultery.

Awww...gosh...gee whiz...(*blush*), Josh. Blog Post of the Day! I'm honored.

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