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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bike to Work

Posted by on June 22 at 9:16 AM

Lardasses can slam getting around by bike, but there’s one thing bikes will always have over cars: bikes don’t explode when they bump into things.

A fiery car crash killed three people on the West Seattle Bridge and all traffic lanes were closed for this morning’s commute. A car carrying at least three people struck a barrier and burst into flames at 2:47 a.m., police said.

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But what if they did ...

You'd be like Ghostrider, but on a 10 speed. Hmmm...Nicholas Cage already looks ridiculous enough as it is.

I see you haven't been to Burning Man.

Yes but you could be struck by lightning.
Ok, so it was a motorcycle. but the same principle applies...

It's too bad bikes don't explode when you hit them. Drivers might be more considerate of bike riders if they did.

Yeah, high Bridge was CLOSED and thousands of vehicles were forced to crawl into Downtown on the lower bridge and bad roads.

So glad the solution from the Mayor's and Executive's offices to replace the monorail plan is to just add more buses. Those would have been REAL helpful this morning. Or when the lady fell out of the van on the bridge a few weeks ago, or when other accidents back up the bridge...

I sat in this traffic for 2 hours this morning. The typical seattle traffic laissez faire attitude didn't disappoint when instead of actually doing anything greg nickels released a statement telling west seattle residents that they should "just stay home."

A friend of mine was struck by lightning a few times. It's not uncommon in Montana and BC.

But your bicycle doesn't usually explode ...

West Seattle just got another taste this morning of why it's a bad idea to live in West Seattle, much like they did after the Nisqually quake.

I feel for them, and there really isn't much you can do for them, short of mandating when they can use their cars a la watering your lawn during a drought in the South.

And again, the Green Line would not have significantly helped. It would've sliced a sliver off the giant commuter traffic load.

I have an idea. Given the limited tranportation infrastructure there, how about the City stops handing out building permits in West Seattle like X-Mas candy?

After all, under the Growth Management Act, concurrency applies IN urban areas too.

Funny how no one thinks of that with West Seattle, no one who runs this city, no one who moves there, and no one who builds there.

Hey, my bike does, man. My bike is a pipe bomb.

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