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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bewildered Bush

Posted by on June 27 at 17:44 PM

I know, I know, laughing at pictures of Bush looking stupid is SO five years ago, but an AP photographer recently caught the president’s finest faces EVER in which Bush alternately exudes terror, repulsion, confusion and disgust while experiencing a hug from a mammoth-sized Merchant Marine.

Also noted — the marine received 4,872 demerits? Is hugging G.W. his final punishment or what?

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Unpaid intern,

Laughing at Bush looking stupid IMO is not SO 5 years ago?

The man will never stop looking stupid so why should we ever deny ourselves that pleasure?

The link is kaput :/

Homeland Security had the picture removed. It portrayed Dear Leader in an unflattering light and therefore endangered our country.

Censorship in the time of the Internet is as useless and easily thrwarted as selling wood on the Internets and not realizing your tax returns prove you did sell wood and anyone can view them online.

He should give the "hug" tour... starting with me.

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