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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ban Condoms!

Posted by on June 22 at 8:31 AM


I wonder if the same religious fucktards that wanted to block the HPV vaccine—because the vaccine worked, you see, and while it might save the lives of 4000 American women every year, religious fucktards felt the vaccine would undermine their abstinence message, which studies have shown to be, uh, crazily ineffective—will now attempt to prevent the sale of condoms.

The religious fucktards opposed the recently-approved HPV vaccine because it removes one scary threat from their scare-based abstinence education programs: a highly contagious STI, for which there was no effective treatment, no cure, and which leads, in a small percentage of cases, to cervical cancer, sterility and death. Well, guess what? So do condoms.

The consistent use of condoms protects against human papillomavirus, a cause of warts and cervical and other female cancers, researchers are reporting today.

In the study, which independent experts said was the most conclusive to examine the role of condoms in preventing infection with the virus, women whose male partners used condoms every time they had sexual intercourse had less than half the rate of infection as did women whose partners used condoms less than 5 percent of the time.

The same cracked, misogynist logic that prompted the religious fucktards to oppose the HPV vaccine should prompt them to oppose the availability of condoms. They want sex—casual or not—to always and everywhere have the direst of consequences, from pregnancy to death, for both men and women, but especially for women.

While condoms aren’t as effective as the vaccine, huge numbers of sexually active adults are already infected and the vaccine won’t do them any good. Americans who are already sexually active should be encouraged to use condoms, thereby minimizing their risk of passing on the virus or contracting it.

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HPV is God's creation too, and must be allowed free rein. Blocking the transmission of HPV is murder too. Besides, women who die of cervical cancer get to go to Jesus early -- who could be against that?

Religious groups already do oppose the free distribution of condoms in middle schools, high schools and colleges, and they already toss off the same argument used to oppose the HPV vaccine:

Not only will the horny bastards that have pre-marital, non-procreative sex go unpunished by disease or preganancy, but the mere availability of prophylactics will induce more virtuous souls to start fucking each other like rabbits--who might have otherwise persevered against the social/gonadal pressures to give in to carnal sin.

Buy stock in the company that makes Saran Wrap. It's the next frontier in Sexuality.

With the vaccine is approved, the religious nuts are now fighting universal vacciation.

In order to get the maximal benefit from the vaccine, every *child* should be vaccinated before any likely sexual contact. If a sigificant minority don't get vaccinated, herd immunity will be less effective. So, of course, religious groups want to be sure a maximal amount of the population doesn't get vaccinated until it is too late.

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