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Friday, June 30, 2006

Another Question For Mike McGavick

Posted by on June 30 at 5:08 AM

Given how hard it was for me to get a straight answer out of McGavick on net neutrality this week (after a phone call, to which his campaign said they hadn’t been asked about that yet, they’d get back to me…and then a long-winded statement that didn’t say anthing..and then a non-answer to my follow-up…and then, finally, after another follow-up question, they wound their way around to an answer…) this contest, sponsored by Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo to get a straight answer from McGavick, seems appropriate.

Here’s Marshall’s challenge:

So here’s the deal. We’re holding a contest to see who can get a straight answer out of Mike McGavick on Social Security — against phase out or in favor of it. To the winner goes a special TPM ‘Privatize This’ t-shirt, a TPM mug and … and a special place in our new TPM Hall of Social Security Heroes. Anyway, it’s really exciting stuff.

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I have yet another question for McGavick. In his widely-played TV ad he says that Senators "shouldn't look to their party first to know how to vote". So where does he differ from the GOP position on any major issue? Certainly he has no problems mouthing the party line on Net Neutrality. Some enterprising journalist needs to pin him down on this point.

He looks to his friends... in Alaska. What is the difference between his position and those of his campaign supporters? I mean, those the PR folks release photos for...

I have yet another question for McGavick.

Why would you ever want to give an interview to Josh Feit? Are you crazy?

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