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Monday, June 19, 2006

Although, Re: Moxie Media

Posted by on June 19 at 11:48 AM

Your Lynne Dodson stuff has been weird. Those mailers suck. What’s with the krazy pictures of Lynne?

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lynnezilla! aaaaaahhh!

That picture is hilarious.

Got to admit, the mailer and the pic are both scary. And the signs just plain aren't working - I like the signs for the other 43rd candidates better. It's really bad form to put them at busstops on the grass, too. Gets in the way when you're getting on the bus. Totally clueless.

Lynne gonna EAT that microphone!!

I, for one, would prefer a candidate who doesn't look like someone trying to scare little children. Not that that's my sole criterion.

just to be fair, josh should post pics of the other 43rd candidates from mail pieces, doorbellers, web, etc, so we get a comparison. i dare you to find an equally scary photo. and that's not the only lynne photo that is terrifying. i got the doorbeller and saved it for sheer entertainment purposes.

Moxie has some smart people but the real genius is Otis, who has the best ears for political gossip in Seattle. Otis is also pretty good reading a budget. Otis doesn't say much, but those who know politics in Seattle take him very seriously. It's pretty amazing that none of the political writers in town ever quote him.

Hey Socialarsonist,

I've seen all the mailers. The others may be dull, disorganized, or wordy, but Lynne's is the only scary one.

i'm really not impressed with the "send a teacher to olympia" message she's trying to sell. i grew up in the 28th district, currently represented by one gigi talcott. she's also a teacher, and also incredibly stupid. lynne had better have more to sell herself on than her current occupation.

Jason: You mean former occupation. Lynne's now a teacher lobbyist and now only steps in the classroom for photo ops.

Jason, Gigi Talcott was my kindergarten teacher. Naturally most Stranger readers won't appreciate her party politics but even besides that, she is terminally, quite seriously an idiot. A *HUGE* idiot. So simpleminded that it's hard to understand how she ever came to be interested in politics in the first place.

Who ever this Moxie person is they must be new to politics. Her signs are the worse of any campaign in the history of the state. With all this talk of gay gay gay , has anyone noticed Chopp and Murray are men? And is this district really going to send three men to Olympia? These blogs should be a woman, a woman, a woman! But you can’t even read Lynne’s first name on the Yard sign!!! Forget the teacher crap and the gay crap, elect a women.

What would Otis do? He's a specialist in dogged pursuits.

The yard sign design is confused, the photo scary.

But sending a teacher to Olympia sounds like pretty good spin to me, especially considering some of the alternatives in the race (prosecutor, legislative aide, Dem Party insider, etc).

Anyway, back to the issues...

When will the double standard ever end?
Hilary gets blasted because she doesn't bake cookies and looks too serious.
Barbara Bush looks motherly so she's acceptable.
Laura Bush looks demure and passive and therefore she's acceptable.
When will women candidates stop being blasted for their looks, and considered for their politics?

Thank you Ladyking. Surely there are more important things than appearance and graphic design when considering one's fitness for taking on the challenges of being a state legislator. I have an about if people who are supposedly politically active (admittedly, that's an assumption I'm making based on my belief that only political junkies have time to spend blogging about this stuff) actually get into the substance of the campaign...learn about the candidates' positions on real issues? That might actually be useful. It's a great sign of how strong a candidate Lynne is...people have to resort to personal and superficial criticism since they have little else to work with.

Let's go through these various comments one at a time:

1) "The picture is scary."
I guess maybe a picture of someone who is clearly a committed, passionate activist speaking at a demonstration might be scary to those who are afraid of this kind of political organizing. Well, then, Boo!

2) "The signs don't work" or "have the wrong message".
Within the constraints of a yard sign, at least they communicate something besides the candidate's name (although I suppose I've learned that Pedersen likes to vaguely suggest a flag with red/white/blue, that Kelley is maybe Irish, that Street's name suggests, well, a street, and Sherman, I don't know, is that little wave supposed to suggest something??)

3)"My kindergarten teacher is in the legislature, and she's an idiot."
I don't know anything about your kindergarten teacher, but anyone who has had any interaction with Lynne Dodson certainly knows that she is not stupid by any means. Quite the contrary!

4)"Lynne had better have more to sell herself on than her current occupation"
If you have paid any attention at all, you might notice that Dodson has been accumulating incredibly diverse support from LGBT, labor, social justice, education, current legislators--these are people who have known her work in the past and have come to respect her abilities. Yes, she's a teacher, but she has also been working effectively for progressive causes for many years.

Hey JB, I don't know nuthin' about Lynne Dodson. I was just saying, my kindergarten teacher was an idiot. My parents were involved in the school, and they still tell stories.

Just sharing bloggy tidbits, that's all. Relax.

westy, trust me, i wasn't just insulting gigi's politics. besides having the pleasure of voting against her a couple of times (never has a candidate been so unprepared for a voter forum), i know numerous people who have had the misfortune to interact with her in olympia. she can't even grasp the basics of most issues. she's also petty & mean-spirited, but you almost have to forgive that since she doesn't comprehend the end result of her positions.

my main point was the being a teacher definitely doesn't qualify someone for elected office, so lynne had better come up with an argument that has some merit.

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