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Friday, April 14, 2006

Why is Jean Godden Wearing Sunglasses?

Posted by on April 14 at 14:53 PM


Theories? Put ‘em in the comments.

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I can't see the pic.

Aha! By wearing the "special sunglasses" she becomes invisible!

Where can I get a pair of "special sunglasses"?

Lasik surgery

What did one snowman say to the next?

can't see the pic.

she wears her sunglasses at night

don't masquerade with the godden in shades oh no

Try converting the pic into a JPG so people can see it.

erica, your post is broken

New pic still isn't visible.

er, the future's so bright, she has to?

Good god, man, convert this into a jpeg. We're going mad!

okay, okay people. that better?

Too much Bombay Saffire:)

hungover. homegirl is a regular at oliver's.

I'd hit that.

She's recovering form an eye exam and her pupils are dialated.

Do you smell carrots?

Maybe she's the newest member of MIB?

There are testicles behind those shades.

She's introducing some Risky Business.

She's Dave Riechert's mistress and is, of course, sporting twin shiners from the last time she mouthed off to him.

Because I was in the room and my genius is just too bright for her!

When she takes off the glasses, rays erupt from her eyes, destroying everything in their path. She's like Cyclops times two.

She's the latest contestant on Extreme Makeover. Seriously: Compare her current look to the pic that used to run in her newspaper column. She's had some work done.

She's an alien Visitor?

Leslie Miller

um, she was high. this is seattle, what else would she be?

I have a debilitating, gale force hangover today, and frankly, I would greatly appreciate you not posting pics of any Seattle City Council members. Thank you.


Those aren't sunglasses. Have you ever seen The Fly?

Jeez Jensen, seems like you have a life-threatening hangover every other post!

That's not Jean Godden.

Love her - love the look. WORD on the street is tht she will get SCAN tv folks their full budget.

Go Jeanne Dumont Godenne.....chic galore.

Jensen - find some glasses like hers, will increase the fun while plastered. In fact get a box of various old sun glasses and pass them out at the party. Lots of instant energy and plain giggling funnyies.....esp. when somewhat drunk.

"Jeez Jensen, seems like you have a life-threatening hangover every other post!"

No, not really, Paulus. Perhaps my description of them is so vivid and personally compelling that you recall the few times I've wrote about them.

I should have tried my hand at sports writing. Now there's a field where you learn how to abuse an adjective.



She's doing her rendition of "Unchain My Heart" for the city council?

She "fell down the stairs".

Compton came in her eye.

The more appropriate question is why the hell is Jean Godden on the city council?

Stupid voters.

Stupid comment Ryan.

Diversity, since we can't clone yet, and you are an ageist and sexist pig.

She is doing a fine job. Her public relations skills are excellent....chairs several important City Light.

She will die in office if she wishes. Remember J. Williams? Seattle likes a couple of old ladies on the council, too revolutionary for some, but not the stupid voters.

I bet you would say the same thing if Eleanor Roosevelt was on the council. Who needs that ugly old pig.....get a clue.

Given the level of interest here at Slog, one would thin she spred her lets wide in public and showed some bush.

She turns me on in the glasses.

Big time. Yes, yes Jean baby.

She's joining the blues brothers, but she hasn't saved enough for the hat yet.

That is awesome. Once she gets the hat, she will soon be behind the wheel of a 1974 Dodge Monaco, crashing through the Westlake Mall with 40 police cars chasing her.

She COOOOL, like Fonzie!

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