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Monday, April 10, 2006

Who’s Your Daddy?

Posted by on April 10 at 14:06 PM

I’m guessing that if I rounded up a bunch of 11-14 year old boys and sodomized them with a broomstick, I’d be spending the next decade or six in prison. But not 19 year-old Ryan Bennett of Arizona. After sodomozing 18 boys with a broomstick, Ryan’s not going to spend even one night in jail. Why? Because his daddy is the Republican President of the Arizona State Senate.

The elder Mr. Bennett is a big opponent of gay marriage, naturually. Family values and like that.

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"Bennett wrote a letter to the D.A. handling the case informing her that his son could not rightfully serve time in jail, because he is prepared to leave the country on a mission - to teach the word of Christ to youth around the world."

Christ on the end of a broomstick. Righteous.

Christ sez: Squeal like a pig. . .

Nothing like shoving up a person's ass the word of Christ. Just goes to show no matter what you do, it comes down to having money and prestige to get yourself out of trouble. Lets hope someone will help these to boys find Christ on an end of a broomstick.

Why not let these little bastards preach the word of Christ in prison, instead? I'd think a prison ministry would suit them to a T.

WWJD? Well, my first guess would NOT be forcibly sodomizing little boys, but then again, I'm not a Republican Senator's child.

Thank you for yet another awesome hypocrisy piece. This disgusts me but the truth needs to be pointed out again and again and again. The moralistic, god fearing, in power types always turn out to be the bad guys.

I think you are getting enough of these that you could write a book...

One of the most charming things about Republicans is their hypocrisy. I bet Christ liked broomsticks though, his daddy hates sodomy too.
Apparently, finding Christ in prison is a big hit, I know a rapist serving twenty years who now has found Jesus. Jesus will sure help him out with Bubba...

"WWJD? Well, my first guess would NOT be forcibly sodomizing little boys, but then again, I'm not a Republican Senator's child."

Jesus was a Republican Senator's child?!!

Whenever I think I can't be more embarassed by my home state... sheesh.

That's the LDS political machine at work in Arizona. It's not enough to be Republican, these folks are also Mormon. If you're wealthy and Mormon in Arizona then the rules never apply to you (unless you're former governor Evan Mecham, who ignored orders to shut the hell up and suddenly found himself outcast).

If Charles Keating and Fife Symington had been Mormon, their punishments would have been even lighter.

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