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Thursday, April 13, 2006

What We Are Wearing Right Now

Posted by on April 13 at 14:40 PM

“Brad” asked what we’re wearing, so I looked around, expecting to see thoughtlessly dressed writers (everyone’s working so hard right now)… but damn, was I wrong! Check out Christopher’s brand-new hairdo and the heap of style in my corner of the office.








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Obvious observation: Sewing Machine shirt owner, you have a nice rack.

Aside from Christopher, no names or faces? C'mon, let's have a little cult of personality just this once.

The animals in this section of the zoo are shy.

I heart the red shoes on blue-shirt guy.

I know this is the pot calling the kettle green, since I check the slog a million times a day, but…do you have a job?

I mean no offense by that question. Just noticing that I see you posting a lot more than the average bear. Not that I assume you're a bear.

Yeah, but it's very flexible. And I type really, really fast. And I'm DEFINITELY not a bear. Good heavens.

I mean this in the gayest way possible, but the girl with the sewing machine shirt has a kickin' rack.

I heart the red shoes on blue-shirt guy too.

Eli Sanders = Contemporary Classic. And that brown jacket's got a silky mesh lining!

The gal in the brown shirt right above "rack girl" doesn't just have a nice rack, she has a nice everything (visible at least).

And you all wonder why no one ever wants to be photographed...

Amy Kate:
Would it make you feel better if I commented on a guy's package?

Love that SassMaster pose on the bottom...

Chrisopher's hair cut is totally hot! but he's makin eyes at Jesus so I've lost another one to the Lord..... sigh

Christopher is hottt!

But he knows that already : )

If you think editorial is hot, you gotta check out production!

is that a maddox jolie-pitt circa spring 2005 fauxhawk? instant retro?

it is a maddox fauxhawk! but you have to have the sense to know when you can (or can't) pull it off..... I give the thumbs up to Christopher.... it works for him. it would be beyond ridiculous on me (and alot of other people) but that's what makes it hot on him. instant retro or retro retro... ya gotta have what it takes.... and by the way gals ==== you really do have some nice topsides and fine figures in these photos... let's call Maxim eh? everything else is about the shoes.

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