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Friday, April 14, 2006

This Just In

Posted by on April 14 at 14:08 PM

Eco-terrorists are attacking corporations by distributing flyers, “inundating computers with e-mails, “jamming … phone lines with repeated calls,” and “sending continuous faxes in order to drain the ink supply.”

Homeland Security is on the case.

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They do seem to have this thing about fluids (precious bodily and otherwise) and their application thereof, don't they?

let's get real, if a corporation can't handle feedback, it should move back to China.

Hm, seems rather counter productive to waste a bunch of trees protesting corporate environmental practices.

if only they spent as much time investigating the republican phone jammers in new hampshire.

Fax machines don't have any ink.

Duh, fax machines use toner. FIGHT THE POWER THROUGH TONER WASTE!

What a bunch of fools.

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