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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Scourge of Mediocrity

Posted by on April 13 at 12:27 PM

Everyone who cares about the state of the world is REQUIRED to attend a panel discussion tonight at Northwest Film Forum. It’s about life, death, and the meaning of ecstatic experience. Just kidding. It’s about mediocre movies. I’m talking, along with NWFF programmer Adam Sekuler and some hot local filmmakers and critics. Hear me rant about Kinky Boots and maybe Hoodwinked and maybe Citizen Kane (if I’m feeling especially cheeky), or whatever else I feel like trashing mildly.

7 pm, 1515 12th Ave between Pike and Pine on Capitol Hill.

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sorry, I'm too busy packing for my trip to Vancouver BC with my girlfriend Gail.

But I'll be sure to encourage all my friends to go see Kinky Boots at the free SIFF screenings just to spite you.

I just saw "Gangs of New York" finally. Should I bring that along, you know, as a case study?

Or maybe they could show clips from "L'intrus" which I went to see on the strength of some Stranger person who was, in retrospect, clearly reviewing-while-high. Good lord.


I've never been high in my life, so couldn't have been me! Nothing so authentically strange as L'Intrus could fit any definition of mediocrity.

It was strangely and authentically impervious to being good, I admit. (I like Denis, btw, I'm no Denis-hater.) But I will wait to hear this definition of mediocrity of your'n at the talk. The audience is listening.

Ah, but something strangely and authentically impervious to being good is not mediocre. It is terrible. You're claiming that L'Intrus is bad, and we're looking for middling.

Am not! Am not! You just hang on there, Annie-get-your-gun. I was disappointed not to have the transcendent artistic experience advertised. And I clearly was trying to sound clever rather than make a substantive point.

Okay, so maybe it's not mediocre as such. After all, it did have the hottie from Betty Blue in it. (Those gappy front teeth still send me.)

I'll just be quiet at the NWFF thing.

Annie I thought you did well at the discussion, very literate for a 22(?) year old. ( I mean that in a good way) I get your "pressure from publicists" rhetoric. but I think you can move past that to grow a voice of your own. As for your weekend? BOO HOO. ask Ebert if he has sacrificed a weekend here and there to his work. If you didnt live in Seattle you would bust ass all weekend as a matter of course to be the best you could be and assume that was part of the job.

I thought about going, but then I saw that it was the last night L'Enfant was playing in town. If I'd wanted to see Kinky Boots, you know I'd have had at least two weeks to see it.
...There were 16 people in the theater. How many came to see you talk about mediocrity?

Mainstream: Thanks—I think. (I'm 25.) I didn't say "sacrifice" my weekend, did I? I said "carve out another couple of hours" from my weekend. Believe me, I work every weekend.

I scrolled all the way back down here to apologize for my late night post. I (like many people) should probably keep my mouth shut when I really dont know a whole lot about what Im commenting on. I dont doubt that you work weekends, I worked for a weekly paper myself so I know the schedule.

The 24hour interactiveyness and semi anonymous nature of the blog make it easy for useless opinion to have equal ground with reasoned discussion.

I do stand by my comment regrarding my impression of you though, I thought you were articulate, and had your shit together. I understand the 25 yr old blond girl packaging probably effects being a writer and a journalist in good and bad ways.

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