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Saturday, April 15, 2006

the Poetics of Pork

Posted by on April 15 at 12:22 PM

Did anyone else notice this weird and philosophically troubling headline in Wednesday’s P-I?

PIGS: Facing the reality that they are created to die

The article (which profiles a litter of little piglets destined for the table at Brasa) goes on to describe baby pig meat as “almost creamy,” and to say, “Deliberately, the piglets are not given names.” The sad dichotomy of being both adorable and delicious. I like it.

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Created to die...or break world records?

Big fucking deal over roast pig ---- this is a small town at folk have been roasting small pigs for hundreds of years.

Big wowie.....go to Hawaii for a propler pig roast luau....complete with dance show......and great veggies all from the pit.

It's interesting to contemplate what makes pig-cute different from puppy-cute such that we can eat the one and not the other. Are pigs are just a little easier to see through and dogs better at convincing us of their affection.
Perhaps it's just that in our culture we've never managed to come up with the canine equivalent of Porchetta (Umbrian roast suckling pig sold as a fast food. Try some of that with a glass of nice umbrian red and you will never look at a pig as friend ever again.)
I'm up for at least trying smoked yippy dog.

Pretty sickening, actually. I'd prefer to think of pigs as intelligent creatures, rather than food. Pigs Peace animal santuary in Stanwood is doing wonderful work by rescuing abused and abandoned pigs and other animals. They love having visitors. So, check it out some time. It's just a short drive up I-5.


Hate to tell you -- Most of the world eats dog.

because they have become child surrogates in America, we find it revolting. Other places are more practical, Asian folk right here in Seattle have few inhibitions about eating dogs.


Pigs are not only clean and smarter tht dogs, they have a human like body organ arrangement.

On a world wide basis - they get eaten everywhere. They do thrive on any and all foods - so in some places they are in the woods and in other are fed all scraps.

I like slow cooked ears with saurekraut.

After trying tofu-pork, I am satisfied that those little piglets' deaths are not in vain.

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