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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Conservative Asshole of the Day Award Goes To…

Posted by on April 10 at 12:49 PM

radio host Brian James! Congratulations!

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Urging the shooting of border-crossers with a scoped rifle? That's got to get more than just Asshole of the Day. Of the Week or Month, surely. There's so much competition these days, though.

I love that the FCC complaint was lodged not by some liberal Michael Moore type but by the Attorney General of Arizona and a US Attorney (and thus Bush employee).

Bradley, can we make the Conservative Asshole of the Day, a daily blog award? This one will be hard to top, or actually, no it won't. At least conservaitives are being exposed for the vehment racists they've always been.

...and i am being exposed as the terrible speller i've always been!

Thanks for the suggestion Longball. Conservative Asshole of the Day Award (CAOTDA) will now be a daily.

I bet we'll be seeing a lot of neo cons getting their white robes and white hats out of the back of their closets real soon.

wicked pissah, thanks! I nominate my landlady whose car is covered in offensive neocon bumper stickers.

Atrios already has a "Wanker Of The Day", so isn't this a bit redundant?

Comte's right. I'd forgotten about "Wanker of the Day." CAOTDA is no longer going to appear daily. Sorry Longball.

Olbermann's got "Worst Person in the World" every weekday as well.

1. Make an outrageous statement.
2. Fan the flames of drama.
3. Get reported for abuse to a higher authority.
4. Followup with an OMG U GUYZ I WAS JUST KIDDING OMG statement.

Is KFYI now part of LiveJournal?

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