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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Soundtrack Fit for Clowns?

Posted by on April 12 at 19:15 PM

An ice cream truck just drove by my window. Does anyone else find this to be the most terrifying sound in the world? Something about that off-kilter tinkle immediately makes me think the driver has a few dismembered bodies in his cooler, not Drumsticks. I haven’t even seen this movie, but I’ve been creeped out by ice cream trucks as long as I can remember.

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I have heard the unfamiliar sound of an ice cream truck tinkle-tinkling down the streets of my neighborhood (U District) recently as well.

The U-District ice cream truck was a subject of much stoned debate when I was in college. It would come tinkling down 22nd Ave, and everytime my red-eyed roommate and I would talk about how it HAD to be a cover -- were there really that many college students who wanted ice cream at 11pm on a Tuesday in November? Finally, one night my roommate ran out into the street and hailed down the ice cream truck. "Admit it," she said. "You're selling drugs."

The guy totally denied it. But we never believed him.

Just wondering, do the ice cream trucks in all of Seattle's neighborhoods play that same goddamned endless 10-second loop of ragtime piano?

How can you not love ice cream trucks?

When I was five I was so excited by the ice cream truck that I ran out of the house clutching my quarters and promptly dove down the concrete steps. Caught one on my chin, and bled like a stuck hog. I still have a little scar, 112 years later.

Ragtime is better than endless tinkly/creepy renditions of "Pop Goes the Weasel." I hate ice cream vans.

Ugh! Yes! That toy piano version of Pop Goes the Weasel is the worst. I still have nightmares about the Mr. Softee truck when I lived in Brooklyn. It was maddening! They'd park and stay there in one spot for hours, until at least midnight on weeknights even, and they would blast that fricking song over and over. You could hear it from every room of the apartment and playing music wouldn't even drown it out. My friends still make fun of me for calling the police on them, complaining about the noise. Yes, I was that guy, but it was really unbearable!

Dee-dit-dee-dee, dee-diddle-dee-dee, dee-dit-dee-dee-dee dee-dee, dee-dit-dee-dee dee-diddle-dit-dee, DIT dee-dee dee dee (warble warble).



That song will forever haunt me.
Good job on the transcription though. I usually relay it as dink-a-da-dink a-dink a-dink a-dink a-dink a-dink dink...
; )

Pop Goes the Weasel would be an improvement over the CD's ice cream truck that plays Turkey in the Straw. It also looks like the driver left it overnight in a bad neighborhood and a bunch of no talent taggers decided to decorate it, which is sad because the driver clearly put a lot of effort into decorating it.

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