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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Slipped These Tron-ish Bonds

Posted by on April 12 at 11:12 AM

For quite some time, I’ve been wrestling with an increasingly persnickety, possibly coal-powered, desktop computer, which had finally flamed out to the degree where it was risky to have Word and the Net open at the same time, making successfully spelling the likes of Chiwetal Ejiofor in a review a serious chore. (And let’s not even talk about the theoretical difficulty in theoretically viewing a site like Suicide Girls. Theoretically.) So, anyway, I finally decided to mortgage my future in order to buy a new laptop, and the thing is fly. Most of my brain is still rendered agog by all the newfangled bells and whistles — it comes with pinball! — but I’m starting to think about testing out the whole portable Wifi thing. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the locations of some decent, semi-quiet, writer-friendly hangouts around these parts? Thanks much. See Brick. And/or Slither.

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Probably not "your parts" but if you're in Phinney/Greenwood sometime, Herkimer Coffee has free wi-fi and a nice atmosphere. Greenwood and maybe 76th?

not "your parts" at all but nifty none the less: the 540 (u dist to redmond) and the 545 (downtown to redmond) have wifi!

Blue Dog at the north end of the Ave has a sunny back room, quirky signage, and an excellent grilled cheese sandwich, in addition to free wifi.

The Broadway branch of the Seattle Public library has wifi now...

The 48 bus, which could drop you off near the aforementioned Herkimer coffee.

Joe Bar across from Harvard Exit, Victrola, Bauhaus, and Top Pot are all popular wifi spots. And the libraries.

Bauhaus is way too loud. And their wireless intermittently craps out. Definitely your parts: NWFF has wireless. I break out my laptop before films all the time. A friend even suggested live-blogging the Godard retrospective, which would have been amazing, if very, very rude.

Dunn lumber has wireless. I just think that's hilarious. Next thing you know, so will the dump.

Not to brag or anything, but my house has wireless.


Thanks to everyone for responding. (Well, except for Cierra, who seems to enjoy bringing me down, man.) The bulk of today's offensive critter fight videos were indeed posted from the aforementioned Blue Dog. It doth rock.

Make that Cienna. D'oh, etc.

Dude, you're getting your Toyota SUVs mixed up!

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