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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

“Since Winter Came, The Sweater Was Worn.”

Posted by on April 11 at 15:13 PM

PON, or the “he” in this narrative, is a bunny rabbit standing in autumn foliage.

My name is PON. Since winter came, the sweater was worn. Osaka Castle Park


Since he caught a cold last year, I made the sweater to him.
It was my socks without necessity. It is a recycling.:P
He is pleased very much in this sweater.
I show him a sweater. Then, he expects to go to take a walk!!
Jump! Runs!
* yasuko * (heaven@air)

I tried to post the photo that accompanies this story, but for some reason, it won’t work. The best I can do is the link. The sweater is worn here.

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So cute that my head may explode.

speaking of knitting and bunny rabbits. jen, have you seen this?

you will love it. i love this groups work. the in gallery rollercoaster, the balcony on the wtc, the candles in the ass, and especially the underground teapot. why is there no one like this in seattle?

check out the rest of the heaven@air's bunny photos. that bunny is a star!

Gelitin is great. I love the idea of their "Tantamounter 24/7," where people at a New York gallery put objects into a box (one woman stuck her kid in, I think). The artists are hidden inside the box with a bunch of raw materials, and while the people wait, they make some kind of copy of whatever was put in, and then spit it out of the box.

OMG -- did someone bring back the Belle and Sebastian Fact of the Day?

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