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Friday, April 14, 2006

Red-Light Update

Posted by on April 14 at 15:42 PM

Peter Steinbrueck—defying expectations, so far, that he’d allow the mayor’s proposed red-light district to move through the council unimpeded—has pitched the plan into the laps of the city’s planning commission, asking them in a letter sent today to offer their “views on the model proposed by the Mayor, where new adult cabarets would be limited to one area of the city, versus a model where they would be allowed citywide but required to be a certain distance from specified uses.”

The letter continues:

Does the Commission believe that the boundaries of the proposed permitted area, and the requirement that adult cabarets be 1000 feet from specified uses, adequately protect nearby businesses and the surrounding residential areas of Georgetown, Beacon HIll, and South Park from undesirable impacts? … Overall, we would like to know if the Planning Commission endorses the Mayor’s proposal as the best way to provide for adult cabarets, or if the Commission recommends further study and/or changes.

Earlier this week, Steinbrueck and the Urban Planning committee heard dozens of South Seattle residents testify against placing the strip-club zone in a part of town that has already taken more than its share of undesirable businesses. Yesterday, he said he would take their concerns to heart. “I heard very compelling testimony from members of the three surrounding communities that gave me cause for pause,” Steinbrueck said, “particularly the inference that the South End is the dumping ground for all the unwanted things that the city can find no other place to put.”

If the Planning Commission decides to take up the strip-club issue, it could be weeks or months before it lands back in the council’s hands. Meanwhile, people are free to open strip clubs in commercial areas throughout the city; so far, no one has applied for a permit to do so.

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This is Seattle. The answer is ALWAYS "further study". Preferably by ten urban planners on city payroll.

besides the implications of 'dumping' all the 'undesirable' things on the south-end, what about folks the northend that enjoy a naked lady or two? i haven't been to a strip club in many, many years, but i must think taking and making 'em all be in the south is a disservice to the coke dealers, hookers, and fat overpaid stripclub clients of the northend. and even the regular joes looking for a naked lady or two. :)

In seattle, further study=copout=do nothing.

Utterly amazing - some joker at the hearing complained that he wanted stippers in his neighborhood -- and bingo, another stall.

Funny. And the Stranger has the scoop from leaking Peter. I bet his office faxed it to you before the Commisson receives it.

SOLUTION, PETER, READ IT HERE ---Pass the zone, revisit in a year, and if it needs changes, change it.

Lets get some work done. ALL CITY HALL people are on the taxpayer dole, including Steinbrook at 150.000 per year.

GEEZ, what is the malaise that works its fog in that group?

The stall is due to a stupid policy idea reaching the light of day. Take Urba's suggestion and simply pass a law that allows them anywhere 1000 ft from schools, etc. Revisit that in a year. The red light district should be dead on arrival. What next? Should we make everything north of I-90 an alcohol impact area?

Consider the sustainability implications.

If you put all the naked women in one neighborhood, then people (mostly men?) have to drive and use more gas. You have to provide parking etc etc. (Of course if they zoned the area around a light rail station _exclusively_ for strippers then you'd solve that problem.) Strip clubs really should go in pedestrian zones in each neighborhhod so people (mostly men) would be able to walk to them and then walk home.

Hey, think "Sustainable Stripping!"

fyi, urba, Steinbreuck makes $97,000 a year, not $150,000.

ECB -fyi - even at the 100,000 - too much payroll to waste so much time coming to easy decisions.

Does your number include all benefits? Bet not.

But that was not the point, but do appreciate a bit of exactitude.

ECB -fyi - even at the 100,000 - too much payroll to waste so much time coming to easy decisions.

Does your number include all benefits? Bet not.

But that was not the point, but do appreciate a bit of exactitude.

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