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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quote of the Day

Posted by on April 13 at 16:32 PM

From the electronic mail bag (re: Club Z):

“If fisting is what I think it is I have a question.”

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And what was the answer?

Fisting is what you man does after you have had a kid and he shoves his hand inside your cunt.

Be careful -- but the woman will go crazy if you work if for an hour, good lube, some vibes and rocking and twisting motions.

Straight couples never talk about it......they pretned the woman on top is rad. Of course that can lend to better penetration.

I know what it is. I wanted to know what Christopher said to the person with the question (which was not repeated, but also could not have been "what is it?")

Fisting - the one safe use left for hydrogenated vegetable oil.

An interesting observation -

Over the years, just how few guys had the sense to heat the oil in the microwave as good forplay and smarts- on- the- scene.

Most never think to nuke the salami either.

Tim - good wit., can we get that on Martha Stewart? Or, KCTS cooking fund raiser?

"nuke the salami"?

My friends and I call it "playing hand puppet", or "muppeting".

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