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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Right to Slur the Gays

Posted by on April 12 at 13:30 PM

I knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it suck less: Today the Los Angeles Times reported on the growing movement of conservative Christians willing to sue for the right to discriminate against gays. From the Times:

The religious right aims to overturn a broad range of common tolerance programs: diversity training that promotes acceptance of gays and lesbians, speech codes that ban harsh words against homosexuality, anti-discrimination policies that require college clubs to open their membership to all.

At the center of the Times story is Ruth Malhotra, a 22-year-old student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, which officially bans slurs based on sexual orientation. “Malhotra sees that as an unacceptable infringement on her right to religious expression,” says the Times, and so Malhotra’s suing, in hopes of forcing Georgia Tech to revoke its tolerance policy.

I could go off for miles about the “stop oppressing my oppression!” school of Christian victimization (of which Ken Hutcherson is a master practitioner.) But it’s far more fun to share this most vibrant example of gay slurring found in my inbox this morning. (Sic throughout.)

Hey man, mu brother just sent me a link to your goddamn fish rapper…wow what a bunch of bullshit do you guys all eat each others ashole in that town to??? What in the FUCK man! He said “Dude you won’t believe how gay this town is!” sure enough you sound like a frickin’ fruit parade or something? Suck dick much???? The dude in the sling is that you or your boyfriend? Man you fags are something else but I supose it’s all Bush’s fault huh you aids infected dick bag? Christians have fuckin had it with your shit celean up your street and close down you fag clubs and then get back in the closet oh I guess you’ll be in a cofin soon enough with aids. Faggot. I CANNOT BELIVE my brother moved to such a fag town oh well he makes more money than YOU (guranteed!) so he’ll pay more taxes and maybe just habe all your pussy ass places where you shit on each other closed down do you think aids is just a coincidece? GOD FUCKING HATES YOU MAN!!!!!!! Fucking fags my brother is right it’s time to send all of you to a island and then nuke the fuckin island! GO live in France pussy you faggots!!!!

Here’s hoping “Go live in France, pussy you faggots!!!” becomes the hot new rallying cry of anti-gay Christians everywhere.

(And FYI: The author of the screed above calls himself Daniel Freykis, a name he repeats in his e-mail address:

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It looks like we've got Defense Exhibit "A" already.

Throw a few more like that in front of a judge and see how that "Right to Oppress" fares. ;) you think Jesus would approve of her methods? Here's her email if anyone wants to chat with her:

Apparently, she like to talk about all sorts of subjects (especially politics, religion, and baseball) and wear 'Kiss Me I'm Republican' buttons while having her photo taken with cardboard cutouts of the un-President (do a google image search to see the photo).

Taken to its logical conclusion, this concept of protected religious hate-speech would apply to the neo-nazi Church of the Creator, allowing for the roll back of all the work of the civil rights movement. I know the argument "homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, race is not," but then religious beliefs could be used to discriminate against single mothers, people who masturbate (i.e. everyone), people who eat pork, etc. Those are all "chosen lifestyles."

Still, if the government can ban the Hare Krisnas from the airport, why the hell can't they make that bitch shut up, too?

So, is not being able to call this woman, "an ignorant, mush-headed believer in a second-rate superstition" an unacceptible infringement on MY right to expression?

Just checking.

I love this Slog :) Just reading that post made my day.

That letter is SWEET. "Go live in France pussy you faggots" is my new all-purpose slur of choice now. Because that's what it says in the BIBLE, yo.

Actually, it doesn't sound like a bad idea....

I heartily encourage all bigoted nutjobs to step up to the plate like this and take some mighty whacks for your team. Sure makes the right look good, oh, yes it does.

um, isn't daniel a boy's name?


I believe Comte was referring to That Bigot Ruth who is suing Georgia Tech, not That Bigot Daniel, the nutcase whose spelling/grammar issues are nearly as tragic as his violent homophobia.

(Amy Kate, did your eyes begin to bleed while reading that shit? If so, I have an extra tissue...)

Thanks, yes, but no permanent damage done; I couldn't get past "fish rapper."

for a second, i thought the title to this slog entry was THE RIGHT TO SLURP THE GAYS. which kinda makes some sense, given the content of the poorly written missive directed to the beloved mr. schmader.

the gentleman doth protest too much, methinks. i'm sure all that faggot talk comes from daniel's secret inner desire to suck some good ol' american cock.

Here's the letter I sent to Daniel:

Subject: Daniel is a gay name, ya know.

Hey, dude, I don't mean to bum you out, but in Seattle the name "Daniel" is also slang for anal sex. They say Daniel is a lot like denial. So if you were to come here, and say your name is Daniel, girls will assume you're a fag and guys will expect you to take it in the ass.

Looks like your parents fucked up and gave you a real zinger.

Daniel Landers

PS - As you can see my name is Daniel, too. But I actually like it. :-) Hit me up if you're in if your in my hood, or want to get under mine.

I can't decide whether a fish rapper is a salmon performing Eminem or maybe some sort of sea bass doing Fifty Cent...

"Go live in France pussy you faggots"
I don't know whether I just want the t-shirt, or should I go all out and get it tattooed?

Thanks for listing Daniel's e-mail address. I'm sending him a picture of my cock immediately.

Hang on, Mark:

How can we be sure that Daniel isn't an FBI agent just *posing* as a 14 year old boy?

Obviously, this young man knows nothing of the state of Washington taxation system if he thinks making more money means paying more taxes.

But it's a good thing his brother makes so much money. It's not easy having a retarded sibling, particularly after the parents die. At least there will be money to take care of the poor dullard.

"Think about how marginalized racists are"...


My big question is, "Why unleash this on David Schmader of all people?" I can assume the link his brother sent was to one of David's columns/posts, but if I were to pick a Big Fag at the Stranger, I gotta say I'd have to go with Dan Savage (although Christopher Frizzelle is a close runner-up with the latest "I went to Club Z for the sake of journalism... no, really" article). No offense, David, but Dan mentions he's a mo about every issue, among many other Obviously Gay Traits. Was David's just the closest email or do you think Daniel (obviously an intellectual, especially in the way he artfully deconstructs language to convey local dialect) really thinks that David has a significant influence on the homo-quotient of Seattle? Or perhaps expressed an interest in fucking Daniel's brother? Where is Eli Sanders in all this? I'm perplexed. Thoughts?

Hey there MikeOutWest: The impetus for Mr. Freykis' screed was definitely Christopher's recent article on Club Z. (He sent other, similar screeds to "" referencing the Club Z article specifically.)

But lucky me, I got a kuh-razy rant all my own...sigh...

FYI: Daniel Landers (see above) has been keeping me abreast of his ongoing e-conversation with Mr. F. Frekis' latest message went like this:

"You wana spame me huh? YOu want a fuckin' war you jizz eater? I'm calling my brother right now prick and we SHALL see what happens next you motherfucker! SIGNED BushTastic American STRAIGHT White Male!"

Once again, that's

Isn't anyone having an e-conversation with Ruth M? I guess I will have to! ;-)

It just gets better: one more missive from Daniel Freykis (hat tip to D. Landers):

Let me tell it to you this way tough guy- after WWII do you know what the French did to the "colabros"? They shot them DEAD- no torture like you're into down at the "Z Bar" where you get a fist in your colon (hey did you know that guy who got fucked by the horse??? wher's that in your diversity parade huh?) they got legitimitly executed BY LAW and all you guys you think its soooo funny t cuddle up to al Qieda but you'll see, oh if AIDS doesn't kill you first!!!!! You'll hear from my brother soon and then we'll see about your mouth- PS why don't you go Raving huh I hear those losers end up dead to!!!!

The dear, brave thing! My only question is why isn't he in the Armed Forces helping in Our Glorious Struggle?

Oh, I forgot - they don't let the retarded serve. That's unfair, if you ask me, I'm sure he could be trained to shoot at the right people.

He really said "BushTastic"?

Maybe *someone* out there will open accounts for Mr. Daniel Freykis on every gay cruising/porn site they can find.

I know he'll just change his email addy, but at least he'll be a bit inconvenienced...

Give me ethics over morals any day.

and heres the t shirt

Oh, I hoped the shirt was gonna say "Give me ethics over morals any day." I'll make my own.

OMG, Mainstream, you fucking rule! I want the T-shirt and the button!

Christian bigots choose to be Christian bigots. It's a lifestyle choice. Therefore, they don't deserve protection from discrimination.

Mikeoutwest said:

>>>but if I were to pick a Big Fag at the Stranger, I gotta say I'd have to go with Dan Savage (although Christopher Frizzelle is a close runner-up

Hey Stranger editors:

I think it's time to reprint that list of "who's not gay at The Stranger" so your loyal readers will know who to throw homophobic slurs at, and also who to hit on at parties. Thx pussy you faggots.

In regards to the email you received, I cite: "They will know we are Christians by our love." and also reference the many times the New Testament points out that Christians should be known by the "fruit" that they bear. In other words, I have to wonder how committed a Christian this person is.

I just spent half an hour putting his email address on everything from Pottery Barn to Workers World Party to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

I'm sure it accomplished little, but such fun...

Now go back to fucking france with your pussyfaggot natonal health insurance.

Here for you, Schola Cocksucka, is a list of who's NOT GAY among The Stranger's editorial staff:

Managing Editor Bradley Steinbacher!
News Editor Josh Feit!
Associate Editor Charles Mudede!
News writers Erica C. Barnett and Thomas Francis!
Music Editor Dave Segal!
Film Editor Annie Wagner!
Theater Editor Brendan Kiley! (No, really!!)
Visual Art Editor Jen Graves!
Music writers Megan Seling and Hannah Levin!
Wed Editor Amy-Kate Horn!
Copy Editors Gillian Anderson and Kim Hayden!

If a name's not on this list, it's safe to assume that person's a raging queeroholic, including but not limited to: Dan Savage, Christopher Frizzelle, Eli Sanders, and me.

Yes, it's true: We lost 100 percent of our lesbian staff when Amy Jenniges left us....(but should the right lady catch Hannah Levin in the right mood, we may occasionally find ourselves back on the Sapphic map, however fleetingly...)

When can we round up all the willfully ignorant, innately incompetent, mother-fuckingly homophobic, baby-rapingly Bushtastic dipshit fucktard dumbshit assholes, cattle car them all off to their own island somewhere, and then nuke the fucker? The world would be such a pleasant place without these chronically insensitve, stupid assholes living on it. is lord-god-high-master of the own-goal! All hail!

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