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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Nothing to See Here…

Posted by on April 8 at 21:30 PM

After majorly screwing up a few weeks ago—I confused Lorrie McKay with Laurie Jinkins (who knew there was more than one lesbian named Lorrie/Laurie in Seattle?)—I should probably just keep my mouth shut.

But what the fuck is going on at Washington Won’t Discriminate??

WWD is the group that’s supposed to be fighting Tim “Lying Sack of Shit” Eyman’s Referendum 65, which, if it passes, will overturn the state’s gay rights bill. Eyman is out gathering signatures, raising money, and lying his ass off . Eyman’s been all over the place, but we haven’t heard much from WWD. And this week Lorrie McKay suddenly announced that she is leaving the group after just four weeks.

Something’s up.

The parting is being described as amicable—and, hey, aren’t they all? McKay told the Seattle Gay News that she was stepping down because “we had a difference in style—the [Executive Committee of Washington Won’t Discriminate] and I…. I really had to ask myself if it was really more helpful for me stay [sic] or get out of the way.” Campaign co-chair Anne Levinson described McKay’s departure as “pretty normal for campaigns,” adding, “we will keep moving on.”

From the outside it looks like something’s rotten at WWD—and ERW, for that matter—and unless someone with direct knowledge of what exactly is going wrong at WWD is willing to step forward and make some non-amicable public comment, WWD will continue to limp along. Which wouldn’t be a problem if Tim Eyman weren’t sprinting past us. There’s a terrible fear of rocking the boat in Seattle’s gay political circles. If something is seriously wrong at WWD, Lorrie, say something now, not after Eyman kicks our asses this November.

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"Difference of style"???

I want to slap Lorrie and WWD so hard. You know what? Suck it up. There are some things that are bigger than "differences of style" and making sure that the LGBT community is free from discrimination in housing and employment- a freedom that took decades to get- is one of those things.

The only acceptable reasons for her to be stepping down are these: someone she loves is about to die, or she is grossly incompentent and would do more harm in the position than good. Anything else and she should be VERY ASHAMED.

The truth isn't so much in a difference is styles is that a difference in LIFEstyles.
WWD and ERW are supposed to be statewide organizations. People outside Seattle despise them because of their Seattle-centric, professional and elitist stance against "people (lgbtq people) who don't fit the profile."
The parting of ways from these two respective organization could be part of this issue, but I believe there is much, much more.
There is a lot going on here, Mr. Savage and there are people who know what is going on or at least can lead good journalists like yourself and your staff to the truth.
Good work so far!

Playing Eastside/Westside politics with our rights is unacceptable. I can't believe these fuckers can't stop in-fighting with so much at stake.

I hope we find out that the truth isn't something so petty.

Dan, you are right. Something stinks when both of the Directors of Washington Won't Discriminate and Equal Rights Washington resign in the same month, both giving bullshit reasons to cover for what must be major internal strife within each organization. As a donor to both, I'd like to hear some strong statements of direction and strategy from the Boards of both WWD and ERW. (Who exactly is ON the board of WWD, by the way? There are no Board or Staff names listed on their website).

I'm certainly not advocating that we try to tear those groups apart (since they seem to be handling that part pretty well by themselves), but if our dollars are being wasted by typical gay political infighting then Mr. Eyman is going to laugh all the way to the ballot box.

Eyman will only kick our ass if we remain distracted and if we remain confused about Referendum 65. Currently, we are both.

Referendum 65 asks voters whether our state’s law (2661) that protects people from discrimination based on sexual orientation should be “approved” or “rejected.”

We want the law that the legislature passed in January (2661) to be 'approved.'

Don't be confused. If they gather enough signatures for Referendum 65 to qualify for the ballot, we will need R-65 to pass in November. We will need to campaign to Approve R-65 in order to retain the law (2661).

Avoid being distracted. Move forward, focus and support the next campaign manager who steps up to lead Washington Won’t Discriminate and this campaign on our behalf.

Lorrie - thanks for the post.

I think you understand there are a lot of activsts and talented supporters waiting to go to work, and write checks, and offer expertise from years of political experience.

Here is hoping we will come together and get the formula right for a stunning victory in Nov.

However, many of us are concerned about what we view as a slow start, and staff changes which work against momentum.

Here is hoping you and many others will take part in a Mobilization Seattle - King County project which needs to step forwrard in the coming weeks to help us win.

We cannot win without the I-5 corridor supporting us in record numbers. And, of course, Seattle is the bigest block of support in the State. Getting that base to the polls is the critical project that those of us in Seattle must take to heart. And go to work to achieve.

Avoid confusion, YES on 95 to end discrimation.

oops.......Yes on 65 to End Discrimination

I have heard that it is not just Lorrie who has left the campaign (though that is bad enough, given her smarts and extensive campaign experience). My understanding is that a couple weeks ago Kelly Evans, who ran the brilliant and gloriously successful anti-I-912 campaign, and who had been signed on as a top operative for WWD's anti-Eyman effort, also quit abruptly.

has anyone seen any polling numbers? THAT would be helpful, given all the speculation about whether Tim Eyman is "sprinting past us" and the potential effect of the apparent disorganization in the anti-Eyman campaign.

In terms of polling, the last word I've heard is that the Women's Law Caucus is donating a poll and results to WWD. However, there are only preliminary results available (to the best of my knoweldge) and those, in fact, are fuzzy.

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