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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iranian Rumbling and the Reza Love Fund

Posted by on April 11 at 12:31 PM

Yes, Iran has just successfully enriched uranium, but fear not:

Ahmadinejad said Iran “relies on the sublime beliefs that lie within the Iranian and Islamic culture. Our nation does not get its strength from nuclear arsenals.”

Thanks, President Ahmadinejad! (Did you know that his first piece of legislation was the creation of a billion-dollar “Love Fund”? Did you know that it’s supposed to be used to help youngster get jobs and afford marriage, and help them buy their first homes? Using oil revenues? Isn’t that sweet for an otherwise unlikable man?)

Closer to home, the storm clouds keep gathering

Western defense sources and analysts told a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations that Britain and the United States are preparing for the prospect of air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities in late 2006 if diplomatic efforts at the United Nations Security Council are not successful.

“In just the past few weeks I’ve been convinced that at least some in the administration have already made up their minds that they would like to launch a military strike against Iran,” Joseph Cirincione, director of the Washington-based Non-Proliferation Project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said.