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Monday, April 10, 2006

Jewish Sex Commandos

Posted by on April 10 at 16:38 PM

Mm… Jewish sex commandos. Sounds hot, huh?

Well, not in this case. These sex commandos are actually anti-sex commandos. A group of ultra-orthodox Jewish computer geeks are hacking into pornographic websites and replacing images like this with pictures of this dude.

Jewish “sex commando” targets Israeli porn Web sites

A group of Jewish ultra-Orthodox hackers is waging a war against pornographic Web sites, replacing their content with nothing but the picture of a revered rabbi, an Israeli paper reported.

To fight what they see as an abomination, the ultra-Orthodox “sex commando” has so far targeted only Israeli-based Web sites…

Instead of seeing images of sexy girls, anyone who logs onto the site encounters the stern look of the white-bearded Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneerson, the late leader of the popular Jewish Lubavitch stream.

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I would be an interesting response if all the hacked sites would put up composite images of the original porn with the rabbi's head. I Photoshopped the head and beard onto the boobs, but I doubt there's much of a market for the resulting image. Shiksa with dicksa?

"Shiksa with dicksa" -- oh my god, I almost passed out. Remember to breathe when you're laughing.

Seriously, if that's the caliber of porn they're replacing no one will miss it.

I see that the filename of the pre-commando image in Dan's entry is "http://.../imagesBoobs.php".

The term "boobs" has many meanings. Surely, the perpetrators of this silliness meet at least one of those definitions. Not to suggest any such thing regarding the Lubavicher Rebbe ... only his boobish adherents.

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