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Friday, April 14, 2006

Is it hot in here… ?

Posted by on April 14 at 18:17 PM

Yesterday Amy Kate posted pix of the well-dressed sexies in the editorial department. I felt that we up here in the production loft got it goin on when it comes to hot bods dressed in spiffy clothes.

Corianton and Robin are on vacation, and Angie left early cuz today was her last day, so we’re not operating at 100%, but I think these pictures more than make the case for the production posse.







In looking at these photos, I realize it’s more about hot bods than hot clothes, but what are you gonna do? Production’s got the goods and we’re not afraid to show it.

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look at the moose knuckle on that guy in that last pic!

God I love the term moose knuckle.

If I'm not wrong, the moose knuckle in question belongs to one Dan Paulus, a hot tamale wrapped in a one-size-too-small corn husk...

Ahhh Schmades...

I dunno. Editorial's got a rack and a haircut; production's got a moose knuckle and a pair of Mary Janes. And a couple of booties, and some, uh, very small feet. The word "sweaterlicious" comes to mind as well. And Corianton's beard is out of town. I think production might have it.

Now let's see their messy desks and we'll really see who's bossest.

sweater puppies?

We demand to see advertising and business next.

I love the smell of moose knuckle in the morning.

Certainly - best Slog crotch of the year.

Have lifted it and made a poster for my private moments, in my not so private office......all viewers agree.


You folks at the Stranger are very high on yourselves now aren't you?

We're just very high.

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